The Absolute Collagen Story: Find Out How Maxine Laceby Built An £18M Beauty Empire In Just 4 YEARS.

Launched in 2017, Absolute Collagen has taken the beauty market by storm: the brand’s Founder, Maxine Laceby, – has managed to build an £18M empire in just FOUR YEARS, thanks to her innovative marine collagen products.

Her success is especially remarkable, considering the relatively humble beginnings in which Absolute Collagen was born from: the kitchen table. Maxine went from being a full time mum, to a beauty entrepreneur in just one year, – thanks to a classic ‘lightbulb’ moment: whilst making her own home-made batches of bone-broth (an excellent source of collagen, by the way), she quickly discovered the huge impact that collagen was having on her skin, hair and nails.

Despite having no prior business experience, AND being a full time mum of two for 25 years, Maxine was so astounded by the positive benefits of collagen, that she started to research it in more detail. In her quest to learn more about the efficacy of collagen, she spoke to scientists, and she looked at the evidence obtained from clinical trials. From there, she became hugely passionate about spreading her collagen discovery, and ‘the rest is history,’ as they say. 

Founder Maxine Laceby

Following on from a leap of faith, Maxine launched Absolute Collagen to provide consumers with collagen supplements to boost their hair, skin, and their overall health. As a newcomer in the beauty industry with no previous business experience, Maxine faced huge obstacles along the way: the banks refused to lend her the money. Instead, she re-mortgaged her house to fund the venture: a huge risk (which thankfully paid off).

Fast forward four years later, and it’s fair to say that Maxine has taken the market by storm: she’s built a rapidly growing beauty business with a £18M turnover to date. Absolute Collagen is now proud to boast thousands of loyal ‘Absoluters,’ not to mention rave reviews, and various beauty award wins, including a CEW Award.

And more recently, the successful mumpreneur appeared in the Daily Mail, and she said: ‘people are always surprised to hear that I was a woman with no business experience before my Absolute Collagen journey. NEVER underestimate what you’re capable of…”

Related Products

Following the hugely successful launch of their women’s flagship product in May 2017, Maxine realised that the male grooming sector was a booming area, and Absolute Collagen decided to get in on the buzz. They launched their first ingestible men’s beauty product in 2017: the Stud Box for men.

Absolute Collagen’s marine collagen supplements provide a daily liquid dose of premium, type-1 marine collagen in a convenient travel-sized sachet, – to fight the visible signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, as well as promoting healthier looking skin, hair and nails.

Each 8g sachet contains a highly concentrated dose of hydrolysed marine peptide collagen (infused with vitamin C), which works harmoniously to optimize your skin rejuvenation and tissue renewal. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, Absolute Collagen can also boost your general wellness, and support a feeling of wellbeing, due to it’s vitamin C content, which can also contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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