Day: 19 July 2021

‘Conscious House London’ Has Recently Rebranded To ‘Scintilla,’ Following On From A New Ownership Change

Conscious House London (the 100% natural skincare and toiletries brand, – that’s striving for zero waste and plastic-free alternatives), has recently rebranded to Scintilla, – following on from a successful new ownership change.

Clarkes Closet: The Rag Doll + Accessories Brand That Is Bringing Inclusivity And Representation To The Kids Toy Market

Clarkes Closet is bringing inclusivity and representation to the toy market, – with their beautiful rag dolls and accessories that have been meticulously crafted by the brand’s Founder, Jodi Vernon.

Meet Carly Hooper From Beeutiful

Meet the beekeeper (Carly Hooper from Beeutiful), who in this video, – takes us through her 100% natural, award-winning skincare products (that are made from beeswax and honey).