Clarkes Closet: The Rag Doll + Accessories Brand That Is Bringing Inclusivity And Representation To The Kids Toy Market

Clarkes Closet is bringing inclusivity and representation to the toy market, – with their beautiful rag dolls and accessories that have been meticulously crafted by the brand’s Founder, Jodi Vernon.

‘I started Clarkes Closet, because there was a lack of diverse dolls available on the high street for my then 4 month old daughter. As a mother, I felt as though it was my duty to create a new line of dolls that looked like my daughter, and that represented ALL children of colour, which seem(s) to have been neglected in the toy market, – until now,’ explained Jodi. 

Jodi started her business in 2015, which was a natural fit at the time, considering that she came from a background in art, design and performing arts. Ultimately, Clarkes Closet’s goal is to disrupt the market, – by making black and brown dolls a normal and expected occurrence in the toy market, and in the world of play. Their mission is to take children on a different journey of knowledge and understanding, and to start a new narrative amongst parents and children.

Dr Mae Jemison Rag Dolls

One of their bespoke dog designs represents Dr Mae Jemison, – the first ever black woman to travel to space: ‘my dolls help young children to know that there is more than one narrative to be told,’ added Jodi. As well as rag dolls, Clarkes Closet also makes and sells hoodies, travel neck pillows, wrap headbands and a backpack, all of which have been inspired by Jodi’s culture and her own personal experience(s).

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Since launching, Clarkes Closet has been featured in various online publications, including the Metro and the Mom Lists, – an important achievement for Jodi, as it has helped her to spread the brand’s important underlying message and goal.

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