What The War Paint Carnaby Street Store Opening Means For Gramersi

A few days ago, we reached a pivotal milestone in our history: it was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY since launching (on July 21st, 2021). THE DAY AFTER (on the 22nd July, 2021), we attended our FIRST EVER physical, ‘in-person’ press event (the War Paint Carnaby Street store opening).

Why was this significant to us?

Well. Here’s why: although I have attended quite a few press events in my time (you’d hope so after almost a decade in the media industry!), Gramersi launched during a pandemic, and press events (at least in the way in which we’ve always known them) came to a sudden STOP.

Admittedly, Gramersi has attended a few, but as to be expected (and quite rightly so), they were virtual.

For instance, the Dr.PAWPAW ‘Overnight Lip Mask’ press event (which we attended) was held in the form of an Instagram Live. It’s a brave new world, eh? It seems almost crazy to say it, but due to the pandemic, – ‘traditional’ journalism hasn’t just gone out the window, – it’s fallen out of the top window, and bled to death on the pavement outside:

  • Hardly any press events,
  • No ‘in-person’ interviews,
  • No ‘in-studio’ or ‘on-location’ photoshoots,
  • No professional filming or broadcasting.

Weirdly enough though, like many other industries who have experienced this strange ‘Covid-19 phenomenon,’ there HAS been an upside to this: the cost attached to some of these ‘old-school’ methods.

We’re a small, start-up publication, and because the market hasn’t expected professional quality, we’ve been able to get away with doing everything remotely, digitally, and on Zoom, – a more efficient and cost-effective way. Maybe it’s been a blessing in disguise.

Regardless, the INSANE part is that we’ve never actually been able to meet ANY of the brands we’ve written about (that’ll be changing soon, let me tell you).

Also, Zoom interviews and self-filmed phone videos have formed the basis of how we’ve produced video content for GramersiTV up until now. And once again: because the market hasn’t expected professional quality, we’ve been able to get away with it: it’s been a more efficient and cost-effective way for us to move forward.

BUT. As you’ve probably figured out by now, we’re ambitious folk, and we take pride in what we do.

We value quality, not only to feed our egos, – but because we want to make our audience happy through the content we produce. We like making people happy. It’s why we do what we do. And quality plays a huge part in that. So it seemed almost symbolic, – that the FIRST DAY in our 2nd year of operating happened to be one of the most high-profile pieces we’ve ever covered, and we were able to be there, and do it in person, and in 4K.

For anyone who knows us, and who’s been following us from the start, we’ve been writing about War Paint since very early on in our journey. In fact, Danny Gray was the FIRST GUEST we ever interviewed for GramersiTV, so on this special and symbolic occasion, it seemed like an absolute ‘must-do:’ to film the event professionally in 4K, – to mark the future of GramersiTV in terms of video content and quality.

We’ve always had it in mind, desired, strived, and known that as soon as we get to the point in our business where we have the financial means and resources to do so, everything will be filmed professionally, – ideally in our own studio. So it was amazing to be able to put out a taster of what’s to come in our future, and what you can expect from us down the line.

Oh. And one last thing: now that the world is beginning to reopen again, more new shops will be opening, more press events will be happening (in person), and we can almost resort to a more ‘traditional’ type of journalism. Or at least a combination of the old way and the new way. Fantastic.

And THAT is why the War Paint event was so symbolic to us.

By the way: you can watch both of our 4K War Paint Carnaby Street store videos (featuring Danny Gray) below: