In August 2021, Simplyseedz Are Launching ‘Nibble Kits:’ A Brand New Range of Three Home-Fried Snacks 

In August 2021, Simplyseedz are set to expand their range beyond their much-loved breakfast remit: they’re launching three brand new, ‘nutritionally savvy,’ home dry-fried snacks, called ‘Nibble Kits.’

The new range includes: Seedy Gonzales (Tex Mex), Cheeky Tikka (Tikka Masala), and Trail Blaze (a reassuringly sticky BBQ). Each lovingly-wrapped kit contains: 200g of ready-to-pop pumpkin seeds, full-throttle seasoning, and a fool proof list of ‘easy-to-heed’ instructions.

According to the porridge pioneer, Cathryn Zielinski: “Lock-down has inevitably resulted in longer working hours from home, extended periods of desk-based stagnation, and heightened levels of impromptu snacking. It’s vital that we do our bit to bust the myth that snacking is a guilty shortcoming, because the right savoury treats can prevent illness, and boost immune systems.”

“The simple, dry-fried process, and the pleasant popping of seeds, – is a perfect educational activity for children and parents to build a growing enthusiasm for health-conscious snacking,” she added.

Despite being a trusted staple of so many savoury feasts, many people are unaware just what a nutritious pick-me-up pumpkin seeds are: they’re full of Omega 6 fatty acids, iron, calcium, folate, and beta-carotene.

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The idea of Simply Seedz was born from Cathryn’s desire to create her own healthy breakfasts and snacks, following a personal health scare (a pulmonary embolism from a long-haul flight). Because of the limited choice of truly healthy products in the supermarket, she started to make porridge, muesli, and toast seeds for her family. 

And after being made redundant (and not knowing how long it was going to take to secure a new job), Simply Seedz began as a kitchen table project to ‘prevent the grey matter getting greyer.’ Last year (2020), Dr Clare Bailey from the Mail on Sunday, said that their Breakfast Pot got her vote because of its nutritional qualities over and above competing mass-produced porridges.

Simply Seedz is now sold in Coop Midlands, Ocado and in many other small retailers across the UK, with their products packaged in sustainable and recyclable packaging.

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