Little Ant: The Sustainable Gift + Home Decor Brand (Made From Dried Flowers)

Little Ant provides sustainable gifts and home decor products (made from dried flowers), – which can last up to 400 times longer than fresh bouquets.

Not only are they long(er) lasting, but Little Ant’s dried flowers are incredibly affordable, too: they’re almost HALF the price of fresh flower deliveries. Dried flowers are becoming a popular choice. And with sustainability growing in demand, an interesting question may blossom in your head: ‘why are we throwing away our ‘dead’ flowers?’ 

As a brand, Little Ant are best-known for their commitment towards a greener world: they use natural resources, sustainable produce, thermal printing, and non-plastic packaging across their entire product range.

Each ‘Little Ant’ flower is carefully sourced to ensure minimal impact on the environment, and the eco-friendly heroes champion(s) zero-waste, too (excess flowers are put into the tote bag, and the stems are made into compost). And, the flowers are carefully wrapped in tissue paper, which eliminates damage to the flowers.

As well as this, Little Ant provides tote bags and wall baskets (that are handwoven by a group of female villagers in Uganda, – with a large proportion of the money made going directly back the women who made the baskets).

The start-up was Founded in the West Country earlier on this year (in 2021), – at the start of the national COVID-19 lock-down, – with a mission to provide long-lasting, sustainable gifts, and home accessories for families across the UK. 

Little Ant’s Founder, Hannah Jackson, – started her journey by importing furniture and working in the events industry in Australia. However, she always had a passion for floristry, homeware, and interiors. 

And after living in Australia for 7 years, she decided to return home to Britain (after being away from her family for so long). When she got back, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only did this change her as a person, but combined with lock-down, the news drove her to create Little Ant, as well.

“Little Ant has been in the background of my mind for a few years now. But when Covid-19 hit, and work slowed down, I thought it was time to bite the bullet and do something a little bit different,” she said.

Since launching, Little Ant’s shop has been featured in various online publications, including Floral Daily and Stylist.

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