Nourish Your Skin With Pure + Cimple’s ‘superRenew Night Treat,’ And ‘superCerum’

Nourish your skin with Pure + Cimple‘s ‘superRenew Night Treat,’ and ‘superCerum.’

Mixing the right components together to create an optimal skincare routine, – is what the UK-based skincare brand, Pure & Cimple is best known for.

Their ‘superRenew Night Treat’ is a strong and impactful formula that restores all of the nutrients needed to reset your skin to its best possible state. It is power-packed with specialist ingredients (CoQ10, Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract, and healing plant oils), AND it’s packaged in an eco-friendly glass bottle with a bamboo cap. 

Their ‘superCerum’ product has been described as “the best in quality amongst all C serums available on the market at any price point,” – with many women raving about the effectiveness and difference in their skin after just one use. 

A unique feature of the ‘superCerum,’ – is that it comes in a recyclable plastic bottle which is uniquely designed to keep the Pure Vit C element separate from the rest of the formula. The serum is activated ‘fresh’ by the customer when he or she is ready to use it. By doing this, the brand is solving a big problem in the Pure Vitamin C serum category.

Pure Vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid (and not its derivatives), and it’s beneficial for the skin. However, Pure Vitamin C is sensitive to air, water, and light, and it has a short life.

Many other brands attempt to stabilize their formula. Chemicals and colours are often used to mask the oxidized Vitamin C. However, in Pure & Cimple’s ‘superCerum,’ – the Pure Vit C is kept safely in a small chamber within the bottle, and is mixed only when the customer opens the bottle. It keeps it fresh, and at 100% potency (see diagram below).

Pure & Cimple was Founded in June 2020 (during the pandemic) by Preeti Luthra, – who always had a passion for skincare, natural ingredients, and effective products. Preeti has a background in science, and she formerly worked in the tech industry for 20 years.

She grew up with generations of beauty routines, but she experienced issues when it came to looking after her own sensitive skin, and this forced her to turn to natural products. She quickly learned to understand her skin, and what components it needed, so she started to create her own skincare products using her mum’s ingredients, whilst documenting her results, – which grew into creating products for her friends and family.

“I always had a deep passion for looking after skin, and the ingredients needed to make an effective difference. I have been able to change the lives of women out there who had lost hope in their skin, and in the products they were using. I think it’s super important to use natural, cruelty-free, fragrance-free ingredients, but in a way that makes a difference to the appearance of your skin,” said Preeti Luthra.

Preeti Luthra

Both of Pure & Cimple’s products are delivered in a reusable cardboard box. The brand supports the Plastic Bank charity by donating the same amount as their annual plastic footprint to fund the collection of plastic waste. By doing so, they are helping to build ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities, whilst helping local communities to build a better life for them and their families. 

Since launching, Pure & Cimple has been widely recognized and praised on social media by hundreds of satisfied customers, and they grabbed the attention and review of Instagram influencer, Naiara Brás, – and her 21k followers.

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