Tabby Firefly: A Sustainable, Circular Fashion Range, – With Quirky Designs

“Quirky, mindful, and sustainable” are the best words used to describe the South-Coast lifestyle start-up, Tabby Firefly, – which launched their brand new range of striking new designs during lock-down.

From bold, graphic lightning bolts (and a Staycay slogan), – to a sleek anchor logo, and the 80’s-inspired Good Vibes cassette, Tabby Firefly’s Founder and Chief Designer, Louise Lea, – creates and brings bright and playful clothing designs to the market – that make(s) a statement. 

Louise (who lives in Hampshire) started to work on her collection during lock-down as an antidote to the stress of her day job as a Marketing Manager. “There was no social life or going out. So to relax, I turned my hand to making designs for t-shirts and posters for my friends,” she said. The end result was a collection of 50 women’s t-shirts and vests, 22 men’s t-shirts, and hoodies, sweatshirts, and 45 sharp graphic art prints. 

The designs are printed-to-order on organic cotton (or recycled paper, in the case of the wall art) – meaning no waste or energy is consumed by storage or excessive transport. The clothing is designed to be returned to Tabby Firefly for recycling at the end of its life, – cutting down on waste and working towards a more circular economy: customers will receive a £5 store credit, for their donation towards recycling.

Louise said: “I’m a former ‘fast-fashion’ person, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more aware of the importance of traceability issues, too: who makes my clothes, and where do they come from? People buying from Tabby Firefly can be confident that those producing the cotton are given a fair wage, and at the end of their life, – the clothing can be recycled in our circular economy.” 

Whilst the inspiration behind creating her brand came as a solution to her stress (and her desire to make a difference within her circular economy), – the inspiration behind her designs is drawn from her time spent by the sea, 90’s music, and ‘sunshine, wildlife and plants.’

Louise came up with her company name as a way of expressing both sides to her work: “The Tabby suggests something simple and wholesome, and the Firefly suggests something more crazy and brash!” she explained.

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It wasn’t easy for Louise to arrange in-person photo shoots during lock-down, so in keeping in line with Tabby Firefly’s values, she soft-launched on Instagram earlier on in 2021, – in a bid to find real women and men as natural models: to promote positive body images. 

Amongst others, I reached out to an over-50’s fashion blogger, an Instagrammer empowering body confidence with a disability, a local musician, and a size 18 body-positivity influencer. I really want my collection to represent people with positive stories,” said Louise.

Since soft-launching in February 2021, and following on from her media launch towards the back end of July 2021, Tabby Firefly has eliminated 7,116g of plastic by using plastic-free packaging (the equivalent of 355 plastic bottles), and they’ve donated to the charity, Plastic Bank, – to fund the recovery of ocean-bound plastic.

Furthermore, Louise has also collaborated with a graphic designer who is skating every day in aid of Alzheimer’s Society in their Roller Girl range, and £5 from each garment sold goes to this amazing charity.

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