Banana Scoops: The ONLY Brand In Europe To Make Vegan, Banana-Based Ice Cream (Available In Ocado + Planet Organic)

Banana Scoops are the ONLY brand in Europe to make vegan, banana-based ice cream: they can be found on Ocado, and in Planet Organic.

Available in recyclable 500ml tubs, the three tempting flavours (Banilla (Vanilla and Banana), Chocolate, and Raspberry), are made in the UK. Also known as ‘nice cream’ (due to the dairy-free base, and the creamy bananas from Costa Rica), the products are blended with a select few ingredients to create an ice cream experience unlike any other, – with succulent dates used to add a natural sweetness without refined sugars, artificial ingredients, or sweeteners. 

The banana base means that a Banana Scoops ice cream will count towards one of your five-fruit-and-veg-a-day, with calories ranging from as little as 156 for half a tub, – making them a deliciously healthy way to survive UK heat-waves, and satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Banana Scoops are a small, British brand that was initially Founded in 2019 by Jess Salamanca, – after leaving her unfulfilling career in marketing. The business began when she started out by selling her products at markets and events in the summer of 2019. The idea took off, and Jess worked with manufacturers and suppliers to turn her healthy ice cream idea into a reality. 

Founder Jess

Jess was inspired by people on Instagram and fitness blogs who were making ice cream made with bananas. And after trying out a few different recipes of her own at home, she genuinely fell in love with how delicious, nutritious, and healthy they were, and she thought: ‘why can’t I buy this in a shop?‘ And the rest is history, as they say.

Jess has made it her mission to bring her products to families in the UK, who crave a treat, – but without the refined sugar and fats. Last year in May 2020, her brand launched into Planet Organic, and more recently, into Ocado: “It’s been quite a journey,” said Jess. “Launching a business during lock-down hasn’t been easy, but I’m super proud of how much the team and I have managed to achieve.”

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