Son Of A Tailor: The Fashion-Tech Company That Provides Custom-Fits For Men

Son of a Tailor is a Copenhagen-based fashion-tech company that provides custom-fit essentials for men, with a proprietary algorithm that uses height, weight, age, and shoe size to create the perfect fit.

Through technology and a lean supply chain, Son of a Tailor are fundamentally changing how apparel is made, by removing inventories from the equation, and by sticking to a custom-fit-on-demand system, only. This means that there is zero-waste, carbon emissions are automatically in half, and there is no longer a disconnect between those who make the garments, – and those who wear them. 

So far, the brand has serviced 100,000+ customers (as of May 2021), they’ve been featured in various online publications (including WWD), AND they closed a Series A funding round earlier on this year (2021), – to help them scale the model globally. The service is super quick, too: it’s a 30 second experience that needs just 4 inputs: height, weight, age, and shoe size, meaning: no measuring tape needed. And, almost 50% of shoppers return within a year.

The company was Founded in 2014, by Jess Fleischer, – who was inspired and driven to apply engineering innovation to the fashion industry. With a background in engineering and manufacturing, he dug deep into the clothing industry, and he spotted a gap in the market for disruption with the supply chain innovation element of the sector.

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Toyota’s LEAN manufacturing success proved that you could make vehicles to order in a low waste way, under the constraint of limited resources in post-war Japan. Why couldn’t you apply LEAN manufacturing to the fashion industry, and minimise waste while also expanding the number of sizes?” explained Jess.

I founded Son of a Tailor not because I was in love with fashion, but because of the vast opportunities to improve fashion for everybody involved: customers, garment workers, and the planet.” He added.

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