Fearne + Rosie: Healthier Jams And Spreads For Kids

Rachel Kettlewell, – a former teacher (and a mum-of-3) from North Yorkshire, – launched Fearne + Rosie as a healthier alternative to the overly sugary jams and spreads on the market (for kids).

Rachel created the brand, – because she felt compelled and driven to provide a more sustainable, and healthier food option for children and their families, whilst continuing to educate and inspire them to make better food choices (based around more fruits, and less sugar). The average jam contains 60% sugar, whereas Fearne & Rosie’s products contains 40% less.

Rachel said: As a business, we’ve made some incredible gains since filming Dragons Den, and I can’t wait to share with everyone what we’ve been up to. Let’s spread the word!”

The food start-up has recently gone through an exciting new brand refresh, involving entrepreneur and food and drink industry icon, Giles Brook. “I needed (and I still need) help and guidance to grow Fearne & Rosie to be the best that it can be, and this is where Giles ’guidance, – as well as building out a wider team is instrumental,” said Rachel.

The future for Fearne & Rosie is really exciting. Jam & Honey is a £300m category growing at double-digit rates, and there simply isn’t a family-centric, healthier brand on the shelves. Over half of UK households have previously bought jam or honey, and we want to help these consumers, – particularly families, – to get access to healthier, tastier, happier foods. Rachel is an amazing mum and Founder, and I’m delighted to be helping her bring her vision to life, said Giles Brook.

Since launching, the company has already secured listings in major retailers, including: Waitrose, Ocado, and Morrisons, as well as other leading specialist and independent retailers. 

Recently, Rachel met with the chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, – to discuss legislation for breakfast and after school clubs, and as a result, – Fearne & Rosie recently launched their first free school support programme. Later in July, they began their charitable partnership with the National Parks, – aimed at raising funds to give children access to National Park educational programmes.

Find out more here: https://fearneandrosie.co.uk