JUST LAUNCHED! MESSIAH and EVE: The BRAND NEW Luxe Body Care Start-Up That Everyone Is Talking About.

MESSIAH and EVE is the BRAND NEW, modern, luxe body-care brand that everyone is talking about: MESSIAH and EVE (put simply) means: indulgent and effective skincare, – from the neck down.

MESSIAH and EVE‘s products combine premium skincare ingredients that are normally reserved for the face. These include niacinamide and AHAs (to gently exfoliate), and squalane and prebiotics (to nourish, protect and repair). The MESSIAH and EVE range includes Body Cleansers, Body Cream, and a Bath Oil Emulsion, – which provides sheer, unadulterated luxury, indulgent, results-driven body care.

MESSIAH and EVE’s products blend a sophisticated mix of bespoke, blended, French fine-fragrances, essential oils and botanicals, including delicious notes of spicy black pepper, blackberry, bergamot, vetiver and verbena, – designed to last on your skin, – creating a luxury, modern take on body care that works.

Founder Sarah Sklavenitis

MESSIAH and EVE’s Founder, Sarah Sklavenitis believes in using affordable luxuries, – to move our day towards a pleasing journey of constant, thoughtful consideration: “I’ve always sought a relatively affordable, but luxury and aesthetically-pleasing body and bathroom collection that met my own expectations of performance and design, whilst caring about both our skin, and our planet in equal measure.”

“I am so proud of MESSIAH and EVE, which was named for new beginnings, and for my mother. It is beautifully functional, efficacious, attainable, and consciously designed, – and it smells absolutely incredible!” She added.

The MESSIAH and EVE journey started out back in 2019. After two years of intensive product and fragrance development, the range has finally come to market.

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MESSIAH and EVE started out, because Sarah Sklavenitis admitted to an ‘expensive hand soap habit,’ and a love of fragrance, and fragranced hand and body products. However, these never lasted on Sarah’s skin, and she felt that they were relatively unsophisticated for the money she was paying. So she decided to do something about it.

Prior to creating her brand, Sarah formerly worked a corporate career as a Global Change Manager, where she was in charge of delivering people and technology programmes to thousands of employees across the globe. 

Having just launched, there has already been some really positive interest in MESSIAH and EVE. We’re in talks with a mix of bricks and mortar and online retailers, spas and luxury amenities companies, and recently, – we were featured online on hisandhersmag.co.uk,” said Sarah.

You can find out more here: https://messiahandeve.co.uk