Metal Morphosis (The Soho Piercing-Shop) Has Just Launched A Brand New Retail Arm, – With A New Range of Jewellery

Metal Morphosis (the Soho piercing shop with concessions in Topshop and Selfridges), – has just launched their brand new retail arm (with a new range of jewellery).

Metal Morphosis is a lifestyle brand that provides piercing services, and their own jewellery range, – in a clean, cool, and affordable way.

As a brand, Metal Morphosis stocks the largest range of professional piercing jewellery in London, along with various fashion styles, including: studs, barbells, clickers, hoops, rings, charms, huggies, and more. Their jewellery is made from either surgical-grade steel, solid gold, or titanium. They only sell metals that are professional grade.

Metal Morphosis uses sustainable packaging, an inclusive design process, and they apply 30 years of piercing knowledge to educate and inspire customers. They design and manufacture their own products, and boast a wide range of celebrity customers, and a loyal fan base of dedicated piercing enthusiasts.

The business was Founded in 1991 (as a safe place to get body piercings) by Ben Harris’ family.

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Since then, the company has grown into a community of piercing and tattoo enthusiasts, which embraces diversity and difference with pride, – setting the gold standard for safety and professionalism. From launching the UK’s first ever piercing school in 1992, Metal Morphosis has taken piercing from back street to the high street.

Ben said: “Over the years, there have been many misconceptions and debates about the best way to pierce, so we took it upon ourselves to study the correct medical practises, and bring our knowledge to the high street. This has always been our inspiration, and it has enabled us to grow into the brand we are today.”

Since the 90s, Metal Morphosis has been featured in various high-profile publications, including The Guardian, Vogue, and Grazia to name just a few.

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