The British Hard-Seltzer Brand, Long Shot, – Has Just Announced That All Of Their Flavours Are Now Available On Draught.

Long Shot (the award-winning British hard-seltzer brand), – has just announced that all of their flavours are now available on draught.

This means that from now onwards, the ENTIRE Long Shot range (Grapefruit, Raspberry & Blackcurrant, and Strawberry & Rhubarb), – are available in 30 litre kegs. The brand is also proud to announce that they have already launched at the German Kraft bar in Mercato Metropolitano, as well as in other independent bars and venues across London, and around the UK.

Long Shot’s Founders, George Blurton and Hugo Hodgson, – created Long Shot drinks in 2020, – in a bid to provide a lighter, refreshing alternative to the sugary cocktails on the market, and to create a product that moved away from middle-of-the-road canned concoctions: prior to Long Shot launching, many existing hard-seltzers were packed with artificial ingredients and fake flavours.

Their Long Shot range is 4% ABV, gluten-free, is suitable for vegans, is low in sugar, keto-friendly, and the drinks contain just 160 calories per pint.

Long Shot’s Co-Founder Hugo said: “Our refreshing hard seltzers are flavoured with real fruit juices, and we NEVER use any artificial ingredients, acids or preservatives in our cans. People are increasingly opting in for cleaner, health-conscious drinks. We wanted to go one step further, and give drinkers the option of choosing a healthier alternative when they are out at the pub too!”

Turning their backs on their nine-to-five jobs, the duo set about creating a seltzer that tasted great, and was made with the right ingredients. And after months of samplings, the fruit-infused hard seltzer, low-calorie brand was born.

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Hugo has long considered himself an entrepreneur: he ran car washes, and was a sports coach in his mid-to-late teens. And after a brief stint in the ‘corporate world’ as a Chartered Surveyor, he decided that enough was enough, and so he went to work for a recruitment and branding start-up, which gave him a thirst for start-up life. ‘It was on a trip to the USA that I tried “Hard Seltzers,” and the rest, as they say, – is history,’ recalled Hugo.

Long Shot’s other Co-Founder, George also had a brief stint in the ‘corporate’ world. He worked at a marketing agency, but he decided to move into the drinks space. Firstly, he joined an ethical drinks start-up, and then he moved into craft beer.

Since launching their brand, the duo has received the ‘World’s Best Hard Seltzer’ for their Raspberry & Blackcurrant hard seltzer at the World Pre Mix Awards 2021, and their Grapefruit and Strawberry & Rhubarb flavours were awarded with Gold.

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