Lord Sugar Invests In Amani Zubair’s Jewellery Brand, TRESOR

Lord Sugar has invested in Tresor By Amani (the online jewellery business that was set up by Amani Zubair). Amani launched the business when she was just 17.

Tresor is an independent jewellery brand that produces high-quality jewellery at an affordable price. The jewellery looks and feels like solid gold, yet it only costs a fraction of the price. The brand specialises in double gold-plated jewellery, and water-safe, durable products (which are made to last). Their products are best-known for being chunky and edgy, with risqué slogans engraved on their rings: they’re not afraid to stand out, and make a statement.

Amani Zubair (now 19) started the business when she was 17 years old whilst she was still at college. She used the money she’d earned from reselling clothes from charity shops on eBay, and a £200 loan from her mum to kickstart the business. In August 2020, Amani created a video to promote her products, and it went viral, – amassing nearly 5 million views on TikTok. As a result, her products sold out overnight, with over 1,000 orders in a single day.  

It was this video that kickstarted Tresor, and which gave Amani the confidence to go further with the brand. In March 2021, Amani made a bold move: she dropped out of University, she moved into an office, and she put her full attention into building the business. Now, she employs a small team, and she sells hundreds of pieces of jewellery each week.

Following on from her success, Amani decided that she needed help to scale up her company, and take it to the next level. Since Amani has always been a big fan of Lord Sugar, she decided to contact him for advice. Lord Sugar got in touch to arrange a call, they hit it off, and within a few months he had made her an offer to invest in her business, and become her business partner.

Lord Sugar said: “I was very impressed with Amani when I met her. She is highly determined, hard-working, and she has created a brand that taps into the demand for affordable on-trend jewellery. I was particularly impressed with the way she had managed to scale the business in such a short space of time time on social media with no marketing spend. I am looking forward to working with Amani to help scale her business.”

Amani Zubair added: “Working with Lord Sugar is incredible. I cannot believe I can officially call him my business partner, now. I have so many amazing ideas and plans, and every day I wake up so excited about what I can create next!”

You can find out more about Tresor here: www.ShopTresor.co.uk

And don’t forget to check out the full video interview with Amani below: