Simply Delish: Game-Changing The Dessert Market Globally (With Their Sugar-Free, Allergen-Free Jelly + Pudding Desserts).

Founded in 2011, Simply Delish provides sugar-free (and allergen-free) jelly, and pudding-desserts.

With the rise in the anti-sugar movement, and with sugar finally being recognised as an enemy of a healthy lifestyle (AND with the rise in food intolerances, and health consciousness amongst the public, – when it comes to our eating habits), Simply Delish’s jelly desserts are FREE from the eight most common allergens, and they come in a variety of natural fruit flavours. 

Their products are non-GMO certified, their ingredients are ethically-sourced from around the world, AND they’re gelatine-free, vegan, and plant-based. Their products are formulated with Stevia (with only 6 calories per serving), – perfect for those on a Keto-diet, fitness enthusiasts, and diabetics. 

Their jelly flavours consist of: sun-ripened strawberry, raspberry, orange, and peach, and their non-dairy pudding desserts flavours include(s): creamy vanilla, decadent chocolate, and strawberry.

Each delectable flavour is not only allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO, – but they’re also Kosher, nut-free, and Halal: the perfect worry-free addition to any holiday gathering or family event. And with no refrigeration necessary for setting, each box is easy-to-make, and even more fun to share.

The brand has quickly become one of the top providers of dairy-free desserts in North America and Canada. Some of their most recent flavour additions include(s) pudding desserts which come(s) in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana flavours. 

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Simply Delish’s Founder and CEO Martin Pamensky, said: “our mission is to create delicious, healthy, desserts that can be enjoyed every day, everywhere by everyone. We’ve filled a gap in the dessert market, and we’ve created a strong global community to bring healthy, delicious desserts to the world.”

In 2011, Simply Delish Naturals started from humble beginnings in sunny San Diego, California. The concept of delicious and natural desserts originated when Martin travelled the world to identify the next most desirable products for the North American market.

Since launching, Simply Delish has been featured in Vegconomist, and boasts over 15k Instagram followers.

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