COAT: The Premium, Sustainable, Made-To-Order Paint Start-Up (Backed By True.)

COAT is a premium, made-to-order paint company, – with a focus on helping the next generation of decorators get “house-proud” (without the struggle). The brand was recently backed by True.

Founded in 2020 by Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, – COAT’s paint is high-grade, water-based, and manufactured in the UK: it’s high-quality paint with depth, coverage, and a smooth finish (that makes life easier). The full COAT range comes included with 36 on-trend colours, – available in 4 finishes. And, their paint is finished (fresh-to-order) by hand, on the same day.

As a business, COAT has been carbon-neutral since day one: the start-up places a huge emphasis on sustainability, which is evidenced in their ethical business report. Their made-to-order paint prioritises sustainable materials, results in zero-waste production, and is offered alongside environment-friendly bamboo paint supplies. COAT also provides a unique 360-degree recycling service for leftover paint(s).

Rather than using the old-fashioned, traditional (and wasteful) tester-pots, instead, – the start-up is trying something different: they’re using fully-recyclable peel-and-stick swatches, – allowing customers to compare colours easily in different areas, – whilst achieving 95% less waste than the traditional (and arguably outdated) ways of sampling paint.

COAT’s Founders, Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, – have been good friends for years (and DIY-enthusiasts, of course). They started the business, because they were both frustrated at the mundane options, waste, and poor buying experience when it comes to choosing paint in the larger DIY stores. 

Prior to launching COAT, Rob Green (aka “the paint guy”) worked various sales and marketing roles for corporate companies, before managing the European product group for Sherwin Williams (the biggest paint company in the world). 

Rob Abrahams (aka “the growth guy”) formerly held various sales and marketing roles at BMW, before leading strategic marketing and growth at CARWOW. With a keen eye for design, strong branding comes naturally to him. Both Robs compliment each other: they hold the same morals when it comes to developing a business with a conscience.

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Claire Cherry, the Investment Principal True, said:

“With COAT’s leading credentials in sustainability, a great founding team, and the disruptive nature of the business in a category that is in need of revamping, the opportunity to invest was one we couldn’t turn down. With a growing collection of contemporary homeware brands in our portfolio, we are looking forward to working with the COAT team, and offering valuable introductions and sharing specialist category insight to support their continued growth.”

Rob Green, COAT’s Co-Founder, said:

“We started COAT to change the paint game for good – making it much simpler, easier and environmentally responsible for people to glow-up their homes. Whether that’s from the curated range of 36 colours or clever Peel & Stick swatches, through to high-grade water-based paints and the Carbon Neutral operations. We’ve gone ‘ground up’ with COAT and built a paint company with a difference that we, and our customers, can be proud of.”

Since launching, COAT has built an engaged community of over 20,000 customers, and they’ve collaborated with other premium brands, including Urban Outfitters and Swoon, as well as supporting CRISIS, where they contribute quarterly towards the fight to end homelessness.

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