Owen Drew + Touker Suleyman Have “Signed On The Dotted Line”

Owen Drew has confirmed that they’ve officially “signed on the dotted line,” after successfully securing £50,000 on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den from Touker Suleyman.

The multi award-winning Merseyside-based fragrance house is best-known for producing scented candles, luxury soaps, perfumes, bath oils, and other home fragrance, bath and body products.

The brand was launched by a former financial services manager, named Drew Cockton in 2016.

And like many other great success stories, it all started at the kitchen table (after Drew noticed the damage that mass-produced candles were doing to his home): “I did some research, and I discovered that mass-produced candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax. They are often heavily-dyed and fragranced with synthetic scents containing parabens and toxins,” he said.

From here, Drew began to make his own candles from natural products, instead: he sourced vegan soy wax, and he blended it with essential oils to create his own fragranced candles. The entrepreneur quickly progressed to selling his products at craft fairs and via social media, but after being inundated with orders, he took the gamble to quit his stable job, and go full steam ahead with the business, instead. 

Six months later, his then partner Michael Skeggs joined the business, and the two began to establish Owen Drew as a brand.

Next up, was Drew’s appearance on BBC’s Dragons Den: Drew impressed the Dragons with his sales figures, a healthy balance sheet, and his tales (including the ‘world’s most expensive candle,’ – encased in 24 carat-gold, and imbued with the most expensive oils available). He managed to secure funding from Touker Suleyman, who expressed a strong vision and ambition for the company, a keenness to get involved, and new routes to market.

The business is now undergoing a rebrand (with the help of a London-based creative agency). 

“We have decided to go with a more modern, sleek and minimalistic approach, which better suits the tastes of a London-based clientele. It has been difficult to move in this direction, as I am a fan of a more ornate and detailed look, but to grow the business, we have to appeal to a new demographic,” explained Drew. 

“We’ve managed to get the business this far, but with Touker’s help, we will take things to the next level. We are already in talks with a major retailer about a Christmas collection, so stay tuned,” he added.

Since launching, the business has gained a strong reputation for quality and superior customer service, with thousands of five-star reviews, and endorsements from celebrities and industry experts. Their products have been featured in high-end publications, including VOGUE, Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar, the Daily Mail, the Sunday Express, and more.
Owen Drew continues to boom as a business, – with products now stocked in outlets nationwide.

Find out more here: www.OwenDrew.com