Renovate Your Garden (The Eco-Friendly Way), With Ultra Decking’s Composite Alternatives.

Ultra Decking’s eco-friendly, composite range features a wide selection of on-trend, aesthetic options to suit all gardens, including dark wood styles for a cosy, natural feel, – to modern grey boards for a sleek, entertaining space.

Wood-plastic composite decking is the fastest-growing decking solution on the market today: it provides an authentic wood appearance and feel, – WITHOUT the drawbacks of regular maintenance that comes with timber, or wooden decking solutions. Composite decking is less likely to absorb water, meaning that unlike traditional wood options, it won’t rot, it won’t get termites or fungi, and it won’t splinter. 

Ultra Decking’s solution(s) can last up to 25 years, reducing the financial and environmental costs that comes with frequently replacing your PVC, or wood decking. This unique material doesn’t need painting, it’s less likely to fade, and it doesn’t need continuous treatment, making it the ideal low-maintenance option for improving your garden, – giving you more time to focus on other areas when it comes to building your dream home. 

The business was Founded in 2017 by Jeffrey Allan. Ultra Decking is one of the largest decking businesses in the country. It all started, because Jeffrey wanted to create something more environmentally-friendly, and provide long-lasting, easily maintainable decking for the masses.

Ultra Decking’s products are manufactured with quality and customer satisfaction in mind, and they’re designed to the highest standards, – using the latest techniques in the industry: “install composite decking, and you can say: there is no place like home,” said Ultra Decking’s CEO and Founder, Jeffrey Allan. 

The business came about at a time when Jeffrey felt as though he needed a new career direction. He had previously worked for the electronics giant, Philips, where he started out as a junior executive. Given his natural interest in new technology and innovation, he was quick to rise through the ranks of Philips, – becoming their youngest ever Country Manager at just 23 years old.

Other leading technology companies at the time were quick to recognise Allan’s talents as an industry leader, and this game him the privilege and honour of representing and doing business for, and with well-known FTSE and Fortune 500 companies on a global scale.

However, although he loved his job, and was good at it, Jeffrey always felt as though something was missing.

As a keen amateur biologist and conservationist, Jeffrey had long been concerned at the damage being caused by greenhouse gases to the environment, and the impact of global warming on the planet. So one day, whilst attending a new product launch with colleagues and their partners (for the company he was representing at the time), a presenter was highlighting the need to look at alternative materials, and production methods in the construction space.

And this was Jeffrey’s ‘eureka moment.’ These new composite materials could reduce greenhouse gases, AND help to save our planet. This became the key reason for founding Ultra Group Ltd and Ultra Decking with his son Luke. Over the past five years, Ultra Decking has personally produced and designed their own boards, tailoring production and treatment to their own specs with overseas partners.

The brand consistently monitors its’ product performance: recently, Ultra Decking upgraded and revised the products in their ‘home-choice premier collection’ to use a new surface treatment technique to improve the fade-resistance, instead. The business continues to push the envelope when it comes to wood plastic composite innovation, working daily to improve and introduce new quality products, and more importantly, stay ahead of the competition.

Proudly, their efforts have led to hundreds of great reviews on their Facebook page, their website, and a 4.7 average on Trustpilot.

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