MADE IN ITALY: FLORE QUO Has Just Launched Their Debut, Sustainable Clutch-Bag Collection.

MADE IN ITALY: FLORE QUO has just launched their debut sustainable clutch-bag collection. The fashion start-up was born from a desire to encourage sustainable fashion choices, style versality, and style variety.

Their innovative ‘clutch-frame’ design was the subject of considerable research and development, – to enable the ornaments sitting on the pedestal of the clutch to be interchangeable.

The jewel-like, crystal-encrusted clasps can be changed to suit the customer’s occasion and mood, – representing a marriage between fashion and jewellery. Like jewellery, FLORE QUO’s innovative bags can be treasured as heirlooms, and will stay relevant for the years to come.

By designing and engineering bags with interchangeable ornaments using the latest technologies (from 3D-printing the prototypes of the hardware to avoid wastage, – to using the latest CAD technologies to design the hardware, and the intricate, jewelled-clasps), FLORE QUO is enabling customers to keep (and use) their bags for longer.

FLORE QUO was launched by a lawyer named Florence Tsang in 2018. Her passion for fashion and jewellery inspired her to reinvent the classic clutch, and to launch other styles of bags (that will be available soon). Seeking out innovation in design, and excellence in execution, – Florence is on a mission to pioneer a new category of accessories that fuses fashion and jewellery, uniquely as one.  

Florence’s desire is to bring quality back to fashion accessories, compelling women to invest in, and wear the pieces repeatedly over long periods of time. It was this that drove the entrepreneur and fashionista to seek out the highest standards of craftsmanship around the world for her collections.

FLORE QUO enables and encourages customers to love their bags for longer by incorporating innovative, interchangeable, jewelled ornaments, representing a marriage of jewellery with handbags,” said Florence.

The brand is also passionate about reducing its’ environmental footprint where it can, hence taking great care to avoid using any unnecessary plastic across all stages of production, and packaging made from FSC-certified materials, – designed to maximise recyclability.

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The Vivace Clutch is currently available in two finishes. It was a Facebook Favourite Design in the 2021 Design-A-Bag Competition 2021’s ‘Facebook Favourite Design’ campaign, and it’s been featured in various online publications. 

The Black Nappa clutch includes an exterior coated in a smooth leather for a truly classic finish. Beautiful Nappa leather creates durability, and the interior is meticulously lined with fine-grain lambskin. The bag also comes with two antique-gold finished ornaments: a regal ornament in the form of a Crown (made up of deconstructed butterfly wings and embellished with Swarovski crystals), and a playful V-sign ornament.

Also included is a beautiful antique-gold chain for a hands-free effect.

The Purple Vivace clutch is exquisitely-crafted using an empurpled calfskin leather exterior for a classic finish that lasts from dusk to dawn (in the brand’s signature shade).

The leather is specially feathered to add to its unique design, permitting a fluffed-up style or a smoothed-down, sleek style, – with a buttery and lightweight lambskin interior for luxurious softness. It also features FLORE QUO’s iconic, interchangeable Crown and V-sign ornaments in antique gold, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, with a conveniently detachable chain.

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