Get Calmer With Gramersi: Mental Wellbeing For Entrepreneurs

Gramersi are excited to announce their next event, Get Calmer With Gramersi: Mental Wellbeing For Entrepreneurs, in association with Calmer and featuring Calmer’s Founder, Tania Diggory.

The Low-down:

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), in 2019/2020, stress, depression, and anxiety accounted for 51% of all work-related ill-health cases, and 55% of all working days lost were due to work-related ill-health.

A different study by the National Institute of Mental Health showed that 72% of entrepreneurs are either directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues compared to just 48% of non-entrepreneurs: 49% of entrepreneurs deal with mental health issues directly, while only 32% of others experienced them.

So what shall we do? And what can entrepreneurs do to improve their mental wellbeing?


To put the lid on this issue, we’ve teamed up with Tania Diggory from Calmer on our “Mental Wellbeing For Entrepreneurs” event, which aims to provide knowledge, support, and practical advice for business owners who are struggling to find balance in their lives and support their mental health.

Tania is a leading expert in the field of burnout prevention. She’s an international burnout prevention speaker, the Founder of Calmer, an author of two mental wellbeing books, a qualified NLP practitioner, Mindfulness teacher, and a mental health trainer and first aider.

Come and join us for a quick virtual catch-up and workshop via Zoom between 11AM-12PM on Wednesday 17th November 2021, and learn:

  • What good and poor mental health looks like, including common signs and symptoms,
  • Practical strategies to manage stress and nurture good mental health,
  • How to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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Tania Diggory

Tania Diggory is an entrepreneur, a burnout prevention speaker, and the Founder of Calmer. A leading expert in the field of burnout prevention, Tania is the author of two books: Author of This Is Calmer: Inspiration, support and encouragement for the entrepreneurial mind, and Working From Home: The Complete Calmer Guide To Remote Working

She’s also a qualified NLP practitioner, Mindfulness teacher, and Mental Health Trainer and First Aider. Tania launched three different businesses before reaching 30, and is passionate about empowering individuals and business teams to balance mental wellbeing with business success.

Alongside her team of associates at Calmer, Tania delivers online and in-person workplace training courses, events, and 1:1 sessions. The Calmer Team believe a happy mind makes for a happy business.


Calmer is an award-winning training organisation that empowers entrepreneurs, freelancers and business teams to nurture good mental health and wellbeing. Calmer provides a wide range of services designed for professionals to reduce stress, prevent burnout and build mental resilience. 

Calmer is dedicated to improving entrepreneur and employee mental health and wellbeing, and to date, they have trained and consulted with over 300 organisations globally on their mental health and wellbeing strategy. 

They continue to help workplaces around the world to nurture their mental health and build a long-term wellbeing strategy. Hear what some of their clients – from BAFTA, to National Theatre and Regent’s University London – have to say about their training courses, workshops, and events.

Calmer also hosts The Positive Mental Health Weekly Podcast, Take Regular Breaks.

Limited Tickets Are Available (Going Fast). Sign Up Here Now: