Day: 30 August 2021

SAFIRO (The London-Based, Sustainable, Luxury Fashion Brand) Has Launched ‘Glimmer,’- Their Third Capsule Collection.

SAFIRO (the upstart fashion brand) is proud to announce the launch of their latest capsule collection, ‘Glimmer,’ – celebrated with a collaborative photoshoot at Monaco’s legendary Le Meridien Beach Plaza hotel.

Inside|Out Beauty From Within: 10 Products That Help(s) You To Achieve Optimal Health And Beauty. 

Inside|Out Beauty From Within is an all-natural health and beauty product range, that includes 10 products, – all of which work(s) in harmony to create flawless skin.

MUDD Beauty Is Rebranding To ‘Aura-Lotus.’

MUDD Beauty (famous for enhancing their customer’s beauty, – without endangering their skin), is rebranding to ‘Aura-Lotus.’

DEFY Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW Vegan, Organic Red Wine.

Defy (the UK-based wine producer), – has just launched their third product: a bold, vegan, organic Italian red wine from Abruzzo, – in a stylish can.

The Flower Curl® Tutorial (Feat. Yanika Cordina)

Yanika Cordina from Cordina Hair gives us a tutorial of her Flower Curl® product: she explains how to use the device to create effortless, long-lasting curls.