DEFY Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW Vegan, Organic Red Wine.

Defy (the UK-based wine producer), – has just launched their third product: a bold, vegan, organic Italian red wine from Abruzzo, – in a stylish can.

The product is a 250ml canned red wine in a simple, but stylish design. The new addition means that now, customers can choose between all 3 wine colours: wine: red, white, and rosé.

Leslie Owensby (DEFY’s Founder) said: “We had such a great reaction to our first product (our Organic Italian White Wine), and our Organic Italian Rosé Wine, that we wanted to give people the full range of colours by introducing the red, too. There are almost no organic, high-quality, delicious red wines in a ready-to-drink format out there, yet we’ve already met so many people who’ve been waiting for something like this.

Leslie came up with the idea for DEFY back in 2018, but it took until 2020 for the brand to be properly established, which included a soft-launch, followed by a harder push of their debut product this year in January, 2021.

“In 2018, I had an idea to do something different with wine, which would meet some few needs of my own, and those of others I kept meeting,” recalled Leslie. “We wanted delicious, high-quality wine, and it seemed SO difficult to find that without having to “get into the wine world,” learn about it, and seek it out. So I began to work on all the aspects of creating an alcoholic CPG company,” he added.

Previously, Leslie spent most of his professional career in the product development space across a number of different industries: finance, insurance, energy, transport, ride-hailing, fast fashion, and telco. He was a consultant who worked with companies to identify the pains and needs of their customers, and to identify new areas of opportunity in order to help them drive growth, and increase profit. 

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With just a single product available since January this year (their white wine), DEFY has been able to drive sales and increase them by 5x in the space of just 3 months. 

‘I’ve got the attention of some really high-profile outlets, and a few customers are buying my newly released wine having never tasted it,’ said Leslie, proudly. ‘They loved the first two so much, that they immediately put in orders of the latest one, the Organic Italian Red Wine, insisting that they did not need to sample it first.’

DEFY’s full range of wines are now available in a number of independent shops, hotels, and restaurants across the UK, and directly on their website.

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