SAFIRO (The London-Based, Sustainable, Luxury Fashion Brand) Has Launched ‘Glimmer,’- Their Third Capsule Collection.

SAFIRO (the upstart fashion brand) is proud to announce the launch of their latest capsule collection, ‘Glimmer,’ – celebrated with a collaborative photoshoot at Monaco’s legendary Le Meridien Beach Plaza hotel.

The brand was set up by a female entrepreneur, named Yulia Shirokova: “Glimmer is our most vivid and ambitious project to date. The concept for the collection stems from a better world. Glimmer is a glimpse of another realm: a world where style and sustainability are entwined, and where feminine is another word for strong,” said Yulia.

The palette for ‘Glimmer’ was inspired in equal parts by pastel wildflowers, summer meadows, and the cool rushing waters of a bustling brook. Hues of mint and lilac are imbued with flashes of gold and silver to deliver a shimmering lustrous look.

The collection makes good use of the ethereal whimsy of silk, chiffon and organza with a Jacquard pattern applied over its base, and the result is a capsule collection which reveals hidden depths to the designs as the wearer moves.

As you would expect from an eco-focused brand, SAFIRO’s Glimmer collection is hand-crafted from ethically-sourced materials, and in addition, the company offsets any carbon emissions their production creates.

The collection was shot at the terraces of Monte Carlo’s legendary resort hotel Le Meridien Beach Plaza by photographer Dariia Kovalevskaya, and Videographer Theo Pitout. The collaboration comes on the heels of SAFIRO’s day at the races (a headline stealing outing to Royal Ascot, where the label won national coverage in The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, Forbes, Metro, and more).

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Yulia has been designing and making clothes since the age of 12: initially for herself and her family, and then for clients. In 2018, she took a break from her consulting career to follow her passion for art, sophisticated elegance, and luxury craftsmanship. This was the pivotal moment when Yulia decided to follow her dream, and create a bespoke womenswear collection.

From the very beginning, Yulia decided to create a brand fused with love, beauty and purpose, and care for the environment, following the Hawaiian ‘Aloha Spirit,’ 0 which means ‘joyfully sharing life.’ It’s a combination of feminine grace, and a strong core that allowed Yulia to succeed in the business world, whilst also keeping her dream, creativity, and passion alive.

Yulia believes that feminine grace and strong character are not mutually exclusive qualities, just like the qualities of a gemstone. SAFIRO is named after Yulia’s homeland, – beautiful Siberia, – an area that houses the most precious gemstones in the world.

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