Day: 2 September 2021

Perfino: The Ethical, Sustainable, Chemical-Free, Scent-Jewellery Brand.

Wear scent all day long (without chemicals touching your skin): and if you can’t decide between a perfume or a jewellery, look no further: Perfino has the answer.

#PenisCactus: Make-Your-Own Cactus(es) With ‘Fabulous Plants’

Launched in 2020, ‘Fabulous Plants’ has an entire ecosystem of different living wonders, from the ancient Japanese ‘Ikeboner’ art of the #PenisCactus, to contemporary living decorations.

The Award-Winning Beer Brand, ‘Schwarz Mönch,’ – Has Arrived In The UK (From The Swiss Alps).

‘Schwarz Mönch’ is a special type of beer: a Schwarzbier, – straight from the Swiss Alps, which is now being brewed in the Surrey hills, – and is available in the UK.

Bare Kind: The Sock Brand That Donates 10% Of It’s Profits To Animal Conservation.

Bare Kind’s socks are soft, cosy, and kind to the planet: each pair sold goes towards endangered animal species.

“Standard Dress-Sizing” In Activewear + Athleisure?!

There’s such thing as “standard dress-sizing” in activewear and athleisure?! Sharon Keegan from Peachylean comments.