#PenisCactus: Make-Your-Own Cactus(es) With ‘Fabulous Plants’

Launched in 2020, ‘Fabulous Plants‘ has an entire ecosystem of different living wonders, from the ancient Japanese ‘Ikeboner’ art of the #PenisCactus, to contemporary living decorations.

The brand’s original, stylish collections of plants are a veritable feast for those with, or without green fingers. One of Fabulous Plants’ most popular products is their make-your-own #PenisCactus kits, which comes in ‘LITTLE PRICK,’ and ‘BIG PRICK’ sizes, – the perfect fun moment for team building over Zoom, and hen-dos, alike.

Fabulous Plants’ Founder, Marcus Jaye, – has always loved plants, and he feels a ‘natural’ affinity towards anything that looks a bit different. 

I went to a hen-do, and I quickly realised that the younger generations want to have fun. So I thought that a #PenisCactus workshop could be good idea to combine the new trend in house plants, and also a great souvenir for people to take away. Lock-down happened, and I thought if I had the plants, pots, and everything else, I could start to sell the kits. Now, the brand is expanding beyond #PenisCactus, and ancient art of the ‘Ikeboner,” said Marcus. 

Prior to launching Fabulous Plants, Marcus formerly worked extensively in fashion and style: having been a journalist and a blogger specialising in menswear for the past 18 years, he has also written and published two books, – the last one being F*ashion Wankers (published by Ammonite). Now, his business, ‘Fabulous Plants’ boasts endless positive reviews for their unique, prickly creations. 

Find out more here: www.fabulousplants.co.uk