Perfino: The Ethical, Sustainable, Chemical-Free, Scent-Jewellery Brand.

Wear scent all day long (without chemicals touching your skin): and if you can’t decide between a perfume or a jewellery, look no further: Perfino has the answer.

Perfino is a scent-jewellery brand that combines perfume and jewellery to create the perfect harmony. Their products consist of expertly-blended, 100% natural, pure-essential oils, – with exquisite jewellery.

The solid recycled silver, and the 18ct gold vermeil, artisan-designed pendant comes with six lava stones, and 10ml of carefully-blended, natural-essential oils: one drop of oil on the stone in the pendant will give you a delicate fragrance that can last for days. Each piece of Perfino jewellery is elegantly presented in its own luxury gift box, with a range of blends.

Perfino was Founded on a deep respect for the planet, and a passion for natural scents. Perfino’s skilled artisan jewellery designers have created a natural-scent pendant made from 100% solid recycled silver, and inside the pendant, – sits a lava stone. Each of Perfino’s oils are ethically, sustainably-sourced from farms, fields, and forests (by trusted farmers).

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Kim Brookes started Perfino in 2019 thanks to her obsession with fragrance, and her desire to help people smell great without having to put any chemicals on their skin. Previously, Kim spent many years advising and supporting graduate start-ups, – before finally launching Perfino in 2020: “you only have one place to live, and that’s your body, so be kind to it,” said Kim. 

Perfino has gained lots of positive feedback since launching. More recently, the brand fulfilled an order for 7 bridesmaids, and they’ve been featured in various online publications, including the BBC. 

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