Inscripture: The Engraving Specialist That Makes Personalised Gifts.

Discover Inscripture, – the award-winning, family-run business that was established in 2016, with a vision to create timeless, unique, sentimental, and style-savvy, engraved gifts to treasure.

As an independent online store with a Studio based in Essex, Inscripture’s core values has always been to provide personal customer service and exceptional quality items at affordable, competitive prices.

Since COVID-19, the world has seen a shift in how we give gifts, and with rapid growth and celebrity fans (Laura Hamilton, Dani Dyer, Laura Anderson, Oand livia Attwood to name a few), magazine coverage, and award wins, no one could have prepared Inscripture for what was in store. 

The business is best-known for their Iconic Actual Handwriting, their Hand, Foot & Paw Print Jewellery, and their Signature My Mummy & Me Bracelet Sets™. 

Each Handwriting item they create is unique and extremely sentimental to its owner: it tells a story, so the business takes great care to ensure that each step maintains quality and detail from start to finish, – to give an exact engraving extracted from the image supplied, as opposed to an imitation or replica. The company also engraves Drawings, Prints, Soundwaves, and turns treasured memories into cherished keepsakes. 

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Founder, Hayley Sturniolo started her journey in the banking industry, yet she always had the ambition to create her own business. Although she had worked in the jewellery sector, she had always been in touch with her creative side. When Hayley went on maternity leave, she felt like she had more time to put into her dream, and in 2016, she started to create mummy and baby jewellery, which was an overnight success.

Originally, the business started out at the family dining room table. Now, the female-led business is a family team of 10, – consisting of friends, family, – who all work extremely hard to create significantly meaningful, beautiful jewellery.

“From a dining room table, to a global brand, we are proud to be the UKs First and Leading Handwriting Engraving Specialists. Having visualised the concept of Memorial Jewellery after receiving a birthday card and discussing how a loved ones handwriting is instantly recognisable, before even seeing the name, we knew this idea would mean so much to so many. After much research and trial and error, we are now experts in Handwriting extraction,” said Hailey.

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