Day: 8 September 2021

BLUEBAT Has Successfully Funded Their Battery-Charging Device On Kickstarter.

BLUEBAT has successfully achieved their Kickstarter campaign goal to fund their BLUEBAT charging device, – which is now available for purchase.

Gypsy Brew Launches Two New Brews: A Craft Lager (Cushti Bok), + A Craft Cider (Django’s Halo).

Gypsy Brew is proud to announce their launch of two new brews: a craft lager (Cushti Bok), and a craft cider (Django’s Halo).

Dr PAWPAW (Ep.2): ‘BREXIT Advice For Retailers’

FINALLY. Some sound, and practical advice on how retailers can best navigate BREXIT: straight from Dr.PAWPAW’s Johnny and Pauline Paterson.