ViDrate Teams Up With McFly’s Harry Judd

ViDrate (the hydration brand) is teaming up with McFly’s Harry Judd, – as their new brand ambassador and investor (after a recent successful round of funding).

Alongside Harry, ViDrate will continue to showcase the company’s advanced-hydration range, containing electrolytes, natural ingredients, vitamins, and zero sugar.

On commenting on his new role, Harry said: “I drink ViDrate once or twice a day, and I’ve seen a huge difference in how I feel. We all know that we should drink more water, and personally I’ve really struggled with this, so I found that ViDrate is perfect for staying hydrated with a tasty and enriched drink. Having been a paying customer for over a year, and after experiencing the product’s benefits first hand, it was an easy decision to invest, and to become an Ambassador.”

Designed to help people who struggle to drink enough water on a daily basis, ViDrate is available in five flavours, including Lemon Lime & Mint, Mixed Berry, Strawberry & Lime, and Tropical, plus their newly launched Mojito. A caffeine version is also available to help give your body a little boost, and there’s a night time version (designed to help your body rest before bed), too. Each ViDrate sachet contains approx. 15-20 calories.

To use ViDrate, simply add one sachet to approximately 500-700ml of water, shake or stir the drink until the powder has fully dissolved, and enjoy a great-tasting natural drink. Sachets can be purchased from as little as 40p on the ViDrate website, and they’re also available via Holland & Barrett, as a vegan and a vegetarian friendly drink, which is suitable for all, including diabetics and pregnant people. ViDrate can also be enjoyed as a hot drink in a cup.

ViDrate’s Founders, Nick Hird and Rob Bennett-Baggs said: “When we first set up ViDrate, we recognized the fundamental importance behind hydration and its impacts on the brain and bodily functions. All research points to the fact that the majority of people do not regularly drink enough water.”

Delighted to have Harry on board, they look forward to expanding the range: “Harry’s belief and first-hand experience gives us confidence that he is the right partner to have onboard. We’re excited to be working with him, as we grow our flavour selection.”

Nick and Rob first created ViDrate after they noticed that artificial additives, sugar, and plastic consumption was quickly becoming a growing concern. The duo have utilised their extensive experience in the sports drinks sector to launch ViDrate.

To find out more about ViDrate, head over to their website (, and grab your FREE trial subscription, which includes 30 sachets.