Meet “The Wellbeing Sisters” (For Every Stage of Womanhood).

The Wellbeing Sisters have launched their BRAND NEW clean beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes, – carefully tailored for every stage of womanhood.

The new subscription boxes are curated by “The Wellbeing Sisters” themselves (the Founders, Natasha Gold, and Jessica Conrad-Pickles), not to mention their team of in-house experts (Dr Larisa Corda (an obstetrician and gynaecologist), Tahira Herold (their resident beauty expert), and Melanie Brown (who is a qualified in Nutritional Therapy and Nutritional Medicine).

In total, there are five subscription boxes to choose from (all of which are packed with expert information, recipes, and goodies by independent brands from across the globe) for each stage of womanhood. Here are the box options:

  1. Hope: Trying to Conceive
  2. Bloom for Pregnancy
  3. Love for Early Motherhood
  4. Evolve for Midlife, Menopause & Beyond
  5. Thrive for Every Woman

The boxes are delivered bi-monthly, and all subscription payments are reverted to a bi-monthly rolling subscription at £60 per box (after the initial upfront payment).

The carefully-curated boxes include a selection of clean beauty, health, and lifestyle products (at a fraction of their usual RRP), along with bespoke wellbeing advice and nutritious recipes (making the switch to healthier, toxin-free lifestyle simple, and stress-free). Subscribers also gain VIP access to a range of exclusive discounts and benefits. AND, there’s a useful and insightful ‘Naughty List’ on the website for guidance.

The Wellbeing Sisters was born out of Co-Founder, Natasha Gold’s frustration and personal battle with unsuccessful IVF. As a result, she was left wondering what else she could do to increase her chances of pregnancy.

Medical specialists repeatedly told her that there was “nothing more she could do,” but of course, she wasn’t prepared to accept this. So, she started to do her own research and she spoke to professionals, and this led her to change her diet, to try out nutritional supplements, and to switch to non-toxic products.

In 2019, having made significant lifestyle changes, Natasha and her partner tried IVF with Natasha’s eggs one last time, and the result was: they welcomed their first child in November 2020.

“We came up with the idea for Wellbeing Sisters when Natasha was going through fertility treatment. She’d been repeatedly told that there was nothing else she could do to improve her fertile health, but after extensive research and consulting with various experts, she discovered that there were hormone-disrupting chemicals in her beauty, skincare and home products that could be damaging her fertility,” said The Wellbeing Sisters’ Co-Founder, Jessica Conrad-Pickles.

Since launching, the business has clocked up a large social media following, and they’ve been featured in the Metro, and in Country & Townhouse’s “Best New Beauty Boxes.” Also, the duo successfully secured crowdfunding of 150k+ to develop their business, which has allowed them to invest in marketing and growth, rebrand, and hire a scientific researcher.

The Wellbeing Sisters works with 20+ guest experts in the field of women’s health and wellbeing, from nutritionists, to fertility and IVF coaches, to personal trainers, to midwives, to reflexologists, to acupuncturists, to financial experts, and more. They also collaborate with over 35+ brand partners in the clean, green, health, wellbeing, lifestyle, and beauty industry, including: Ere Perez, John Masters Organics, and Bare Biology to name just a few.

You can find out more here: