Tooth. (The Eco-Friendly Toothbrush Brand) Has Now Launched.

Tooth. (the eco-friendly toothbrush brand) – has officially launched to the public. We first introduced Tooth. to our readers just over a year ago, in July ’20.

Globally, 3.5 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year. But the problem doesn’t stop there: more than 98% of toothbrushes are made from unsustainable materials. Shocking, right? It’s a big problem. But fear not, as Tooth. is on a mission to do something about it with their revolutionary new range of beautifully-designed, eco-friendly toothbrushes. 

Most ‘eco-friendly’ toothbrushes will eventually need to be disposed of. However, Tooth’s unique solution means that you can keep your Tooth.handle FOREVER. All you have to do is wait for your next Tooth.head replacement(s) to arrive through your letterbox (via Tooth’s subscription package), and you’re sorted.

Each of Tooth’s products are manufactured using sustainable, recycled materials. Available in four attractive colours, the Tooth.handle is made from 100% recycled aluminium, and the interchangeable Tooth.head is made with compostable Floreon®, with recyclable BPA-free nylon bristles.

Tooth. was set up by Joshua Oates and Kiana Guyon. Tooth.’s Co-Founder, Kiana Guyon, recalled how the COVID-19 pandemic created fierce obstacles when it came to moving forward in their sustainable mission:

COVID-19 has really tested us as a company. We’ve had to relook many aspects of our business, such as our materials, and our packaging. We needed to work smart in order to save money where we could, without compromising on the planet,’ she said.

But like most great entrepreneurs, Josh and Kiana weren’t prepared to give up: the duo rigorously kept each and every one of their crowdfunding backers (and their other pre-order customers) in the constant loop with their developments.

They immediately cancelled their office lease and brought everything home to save costs: ‘COVID-19 has definitely forced us to re-evaluate Tooth. as a brand, and how we market ourselves. It’s allowed us to take a step back, and to look at the bigger picture.’

Since everything came to a sudden and grinding halt, Kiana and Joshua used their newly-found ‘downtime’ to raise additional investment (which they succeeded in), and in November 2020, they secured a place on an accelerator programme named Broody, to help their business grow. As well as being an accelerator, Broody is also an incubator, with smol and Nursem (which we’ve previously written about) making up part of their portfolio. 

The pandemic also meant that Tooth. were forced to push back their official first launch date until now, due to material shortages. Being a small company, the stock reserved for them was pushed to the back of the priority list in favour of PPE (understandably).

But now (just over a year since we first introduced the brand to our readers), Tooth. is proudly, and officially open for business, with their absolute must-have subscription, – enabling customers to keep their dental health, AND the planet, – in check.

‘Josh and I have been using our toothbrushes for almost a year now, and we’re like: we want to share this with the world so badly!’ said Kiana. But it won’t stop there. ‘We also want to expand our oral care range, to provide all things eco for your mouth and teeth. It’s as simple as that,” explained Kiana.

The idea for Tooth. first came about when Joshua Oates (Tooth.’s Co-Founder and CEO) was so busy, that he kept forgetting to change his plastic toothbrush. He thought: “why do I have to throw away the whole thing?” 

You can find out more about Tooth. here:

And don’t forget to watch our catch up with Tooth.’s Kiana Guyon below.