Craft + Crumb (Child-Friendly Baking Kits) Has Launched Into Two New Retailers

Due to the overwhelming demand for child-friendly baking-kits during lock-down, Craft & Crumb has launched into Ocado (their first supermarket), and John Lewis.

Craft & Crumb is on a quest to make baking accessible and fun for all ages, with their easy-to-follow cake, cooking, and brownie mixes, which are delivered to doorsteps across the UK. The brand also provides a selection of themed kits, which are now available to purchase on Ocado.

The Craft & Crumb team has designed several new offerings for Ocado, including ‘Cool Cats,’ ‘Dinosaurs,’ and ‘Pizza.’ Each kit includes a baking, and a craft activity. Exclusively for Ocado, the Ocado Van Baking Kit allows children to decorate their own Ocado van biscuits, and to craft one, too. Finally, there’s a Little Artisan Baking Kit, which is perfect for youngsters who want to get creative in the kitchen.

In John Lewis, customers can now purchase a wide range of Bake and Craft Kits, available in a variety of different fun themes (‘Dinosaur,’ ‘Pizza,’ ‘Dollies,’ and ‘Little Artisans’). The kits are an excellent way to keep youngsters entertained, and to unleash their inner baker.

As a brand, Craft & Crumb are on a sustainable mission, too: almost everything in their kit is re-usable and recyclable, and plastic is kept to an absolute minimum.

Craft & Crumb was launched by Kate Horne and Louise Nicholson in 2016, and unsurprisingly, it all began in the kitchen. The duo were frustrated at the lack of high-quality party bags, and so they aspired to create a solution that was genuinely fun for the child receiving the gift, – hence the added craft element.

Prior to launching the business, Kate was formerly a Product And Business Development Manager, and Louise was a primary school teacher. Both Founders have one thing in common: they both have happy childhood memories of baking with their mums: the writing was on the wall from the get-go.

“Our experience as mums is always at the heart of what we create. We want children (when they open a Craft & Crumb product) to be genuinely excited at what’s inside, and the parent(s) to be satisfied that they’re nurturing their children’s creativity,” said Kate Thorne and Louise Nicholson.

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