The Eco-Friendly Mum: Meet Hazel From The Wood Life Project

Meet Hazel Russell: the stay-at-home mother of two, who is taking the eco-friendly market by storm, – with her business, The Wood Life Project.

The Wood Life Project is best-known for their innovative, eco-friendly, and practical, wooden family home products, with a strong focus on mealtimes. The products are manufactured in the UK, using wood which is sourced from trees that are harvested in the UK: British, sustainable timber to be precise.

The business was born out of Hazel’s concern for the planet, following the birth of her two boys: “I was learning more alarming facts about the deterioration of our wonderful planet, and the plastic pollution crisis. I was worried about the legacy which was being left behind for my boys. I wanted to create a brand which would help to pave the way for other brands who want to produce truly eco-friendly products, and fight against greenwashing,” said Hazel.

Now, with the The Wood Life Project, Hazel is educating people to consume more consciously, and to consider the provenance of the products they purchase: “We are flying the flag for British manufacturing: we want to inspire others to support UK sustainable manufacturing, and to produce products in the UK, rather than overseas,” she said.

From a stay-at-home mother of two, to moving steadily closer towards her dream of becoming an eco-friendly market-leader, Hazel’s job has a tough job ahead, but she hasn’t let that stop her: since launching in 2019, The Wood Life Project has already (and impressively) managed to onboard 80+ retailers across the UK, including John Lewis and Daylesford, – with an international presence in the US, Canada, Japan, and in the EU.

Hazel sees her company as more than just a ‘product business:’ “Our products are facilitating the mission. I am using my business to share my passion and purpose with the world, – to use it as a force for good, by spreading awareness, and encouraging advocacy for conscious consumerism,” said the mother-of-two.

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By combatting the plastic crisis, and by producing little waste, The Wood Life Project is leaving a low carbon footprint, whilst saving essential skills (which are being lost in the UK), and creating job opportunities in the community. They also support the Feeding Trust, Grown in Britain, and their community: the hand-sanding and oiling of their products is undertaken by their local prison.

Prior to launching The Wood Life Project, Hazel kickstarted her career within the Financial Services industry, where she stayed for 7 years. Next up: she spent 7 years as a Production Scheduler, before making the decision to leave work in 2013 when she fell pregnant, as she wanted to take time out to raise her children.

Now, the mum-of-two is on an eco-friendly business mission, and she’s succeeding.

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