Aaron Wallace Has Launched Into Liberty London

Aaron Wallace (the black male grooming brand) has launched into the iconic, luxury department store, Liberty London.

Founded in 2016, and launched as ‘Aaron Wallace’ in October 2019, this exciting new launch into Liberty London further validates brand’s meteoric rise in popularity.

Aaron Wallace is a South London entrepreneur and an expert barber, – who went from hosting events at the Houses of Parliament with his previous company, to opening his own barbershop in 2014. Following the success of the shop, Aaron then went on to launch a natural hair and beard-care range for black men.

He’s since been recognised by the likes of Forbes, AskMen, Blavity, and BET as a “trailblazer” in the hair care industry, and he’s managed to get his brand listed on ASOS, Liberty London, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Zalando.

Originally launched in 2016 from the Shear and Shine Barbershop in South London, Founder Aaron saw first-hand, – the challenges faced by his clientele when it came to having access to high-quality products that would solve their hair and skin care problems.

As a black man, Aaron could personally relate to their frustrations, and he decided to do something about it: he sat down with various black men, and he asked the key questions that would allow him to form a deeper, more complex understanding of what black men actually need.

Then, he spent the next two years working alongside formulation experts and manufacturers to develop and test products that would work to improve afro hair and skin (without the use of any toxic ingredients). The product’s key ingredients, Black Seed Oil and Mango Butter, – are rich in much-needed nutrients that work(s) to combat dryness, reduce breakage, protect against environmentally-caused damage, and encourage healthier hair-growth.

Aaron Wallace is determined to build a brand that black men everywhere can be truly proud of. They’re on a mission to champion and to redefine the perception of black men world wide: they want to inspire black men to be the best they can be, by looking and feeling good, – exuding confidence from the inside out.

“Our partnership with Liberty London builds on our existing partnership with ASOS, and it helps further our mission to deliver quality grooming products, combined with a great shopping experience to all black men in the UK. Diversity in male-grooming is long overdue, and we are delighted to be working with forward-thinking retailers like Liberty London to make that happen,” said Aaron.

Aaron Wallace’s shea, mango butter, and black seed oil-infused products are an award-winning ode to Black men who often feel overlooked by the beauty industry. Their formula uses all-natural ingredients, and targets textured hair that requires products that doesn’t strip away it’s natural oils.

“With people all over the world staying at home more (and spending more time looking at themselves on screens), we’ve seen a boom in skin and haircare. Our goal is to highlight the importance of self-care amongst Black men, whilst becoming a staple in their grooming routines, as well as educating them on the importance of caring for their hair and skin,” said Aaron.

Find out more here: byaaronwallace.com