Liberty And Love: The New Underwear Brand For All Ages (And Shapes)

Liberty And Love was launched by a former dancer and a mum-of-3, named Beth Kates.

Her “lightbulb moment” occurred during the middle of the lock-down: bombarded with adverts of early 20-something women (with perfect, airbrushed bodies), Beth felt frustrated and forgotten about, so she decided to launch Liberty And Love: the new underwear brand for “real” women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, – modelled by women that everyone can relate to.

“During the first lock-down, I found myself shopping online for new sleepwear and lingerie. I was SO disappointed by the marketing of women’s underwear. My 16 year old daughter’s inbox was full of adverts that showcased perfect bodies, pouting models, and images of girls with enhanced implants, and overly-padded bras,” said Beth Kate.

“This is NOT what should be inspiring our daughters. I felt completely forgotten about. I am 50 years old, and I still want to look the best I can, even during the school run! I do not relate to the unachievable images that dominates the marketing of underwear. I want underwear that empowers me to feel sexy every day,” she added.

Launched this year on the 1st May, 2021, Liberty and Love is all about beautiful, high-quality underwear at an achievable price, which celebrates women of all different shapes, ages and backgrounds. Beth is on a mission to change lingerie marketing for women across the board. Liberty And Love’s models are real women of different shapes, sizes, and ages, – with the aim of respecting and empowering women.

“At Liberty And Love, we are SO passionate about making women feel good every day. We want you to buy underwear for you, your body, your life, your choice. You can have beautiful nightwear for movie nights with the kids, and still feel glamorous. You can have beautiful underwear when you are just being you, every day. Your body, your choice, your you. Love the skin you’re in,” said Beth Kate.

Since launching just 4 months ago, Beth has already been inundated with women of all ages who feel like they are finally being understood (and heard).

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