Get Strong With tfench (Functional Fitness Exercise Kits)

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tfench’s functional fitness exercise kits were designed + manufactured by a small, dedicated team, with two primary values in mind: durability, + high quality.

Functional movement” and functional strength” provides a simple, yet effective foundation for physical preparedness, – whether that’s sport-related, or wellbeing led.

Having the right tools for the job requires an exercise kit that is reliable and lasts. tfench’s kit can be used in functional resistance training, with a selection of tactical bags, sandbags and sand-balls (and their take on the kettlebell). The kit is weighted with sand (which provides an unstable shifting load), – providing resistance to your training.

The increasing focus on our health and wellbeing has brought with it numerous fads, and it’s driven consumerism, too: quick-fix diets, ‘revolutionary’ exercise routines, and most importantly, – substandard equipment.

Whilst on the surface, these may all present themselves as attractive options, the realization (and the move) towards functional movements (with a focus on mobility, and relative strength) are constantly proving to have long-lasting benefits with lower risks of injury, by applying less technical movements, – whilst giving individuals the freedom to work within their limits. 

tfench produces functional training kit for the individual, with a focus on fundamentals and rehabilitation for the competitive athlete, the gym goer, and for sports teams. The kit is designed and manufactured as such, that it can be incorporated into home workouts, outdoor workouts, and within gyms.

The kit is tried-and-tested at the highest levels, having been used by England Rugby Union in their preparation for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and more recently, by Wigan Warriors (the Rugby League Team) in their training. The kit was also featured in the last CrossFit Sanctional qualifiers held in London and Ireland.

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The business launched in early 2018 with a list of initial orders, which were mainly bespoke and custom requests. tfench’s Founder, Travers Fensham (“Sandman”)’s aim from the outset, was to produce durable, high-quality kit for him and his friends. And like many other great businesses, tfench started out at the dinner table.

Having completed Julien Pineau’s StrongFit seminar and coaches week, and after running at London’s 3 Aces CrossFit in early 2017, Travers was too impatient to wait for an order of the StrongFit sandbags. So, he went home, pulled an old sewing machine out of storage, sourced some tent canvas, and he made a few sandbags. His previous life of clothing design and construction came in handy, of course.

Over time (and with numerous requests), the product offering has since extended out to sand-balls (strongman sandbags) and worms. As a business, tfench provides a variety of colours, personalised logos, and they’ll work with you to create bespoke items.

Since launching, tfench has been “well-supported” within the CrossFit community, – providing competition kits to the qualifying events held in London and Dublin for the CrossFit Games final event in the US. Since then, they’ve also gone on to extend into both the rugby, and the general fitness space, providing kit to the England Men’s Rugby Union Team for their World Cup preparation, and more recently, – to the Wigan Warriors Rugby League Team.

They’ve also been recommended in Men’s Health UK, and they’ve provided kit to both the Under Armour Turf Games, and the National Fitness Games: “Our kit is crafted with one goal: to make you stronger, healthier, and happier in the most simplistic and functional way,” said Travers Fensham (“Sandman”).

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