Vistaprint Has Revealed How Logos Can Influence Spending

New research by Vistaprint has revealed how a business’s logo can influence consumer spending when it comes to start-ups and small businesses.

In the age of unlimited global options and opportunities, new research has revealed that a compelling logo isn’t just for big business. Whilst Apple, Amazon, and Coca Cola were voted “the most memorable,” UK shoppers universally agree that small businesses with a well-designed logo can benefit in the same way that major brands do when it comes to spending.

The research was commissioned in July 2021 by Vistaprint, and conducted by a third-party research partner (OnePoll) with a random sample of 2,000 UK respondents aged 16+.

Commissioned by Vistaprint, the study of 2,000 adults showed that more than a quarter (27%) are more likely to buy from a small business if they have a well-designed logo. The majority of adults polled don’t expect large companies to have better or more memorable logos than the smaller ones, – suggesting that there’s an even playing field for businesses of any size, including small businesses across the UK.  

This new information suggests that it’s crucial for businesses to get their logo right, as when it comes to building trust and memories, 26% of respondents said that logos are important, followed by advertising campaigns (19%), creating a ‘brand story’ (19%), and even the packaging (20%).

For Gen Z, having a well-designed logo is the second most important element when it comes to making a memorable and trustworthy brand, aside from the product itself. For one in 10 consumers, getting their logo right would be ‘the highest priority,’ if they were to set up their own enterprise or small business. 

For brands aiming to drive more consumer spending their way and boost profits after a year of lock-downs, research showed that blue logos make shoppers want to buy from them (13%), and also a favourite logo colour amongst over 25’s. But Gen Z is leading the demand for monochrome and neutral logos, with black being this age group’s preference (54%) and closely followed by blue (50%), and white (47%). 

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The study also ranked fifty iconic logos and found that the simple ‘Apple’ logo of the global tech giant is the most memorable for UK shoppers. Amazon’s A-Z motif is now more recognisable than both McDonald’s golden arches, and even Coca-Cola’s classic script logo, due to it being ‘iconic,’ ‘easy to remember,’ and ‘standing out’ for consumers.

Emily Shirley, the General Manager of Vistaprint UK and Ireland explained: “A logo is much more than just the name of your product. If it’s well-designed and it represents the brand well, that can subliminally reflect positively on the business owners or employees and direct consumer’s cash their way. Things like colour, size, font choice and shapes all have deep psychological effects on consumers, and it’s important that none of these are overlooked.”

“Creating a logo that stands the test of time is an enormous accolade for any business, big or small, but creating a memorable logo should never be considered as unattainable for small businesses,” added Emily.

“Investing in high quality, custom design, and consulting a professional is worth it, because not only is a logo the face of your business and brand, but it can also have a real impact on your bottom line. Through our global creative community at 99designs by Vistaprint, we make great design accessible to every small business,” said Emily.

Other findings included:

  • For shoppers, having a good logo makes them trust a brand or business (26%) more, – overtaking childhood memories of a brand (22%),
  • More than a quarter (27%) of the UK is more likely to shop small if the small business has a well-designed logo, suggesting a level playing field for small business and big national chains when it comes to design.
  • When it comes to choosing which brand to buy from, it’s clear that a logo plays a key role, as Brits deem brands with blue logos the most trustworthy and yellow the least trustworthy. 

You can check out the infographic here.