Tur-Shirts: Championing Mental Health + Positivity For Kids

Tur-Shirts (set up by a mother named Terri-Anne Turton) are on a mission to spread positivity, by championing mental health for kids through their “Tur-Shirts.”

Their uniquely-designed shirts can only be read when the child is wearing them (by looking at themselves in the mirror). Tur-Shirts’ aim is to encouraging positive self-talk amongst children, by teaching them self-love and confidence through fashion with positive messaging.

Aimed at ages 3-14, Tur Shirts’ motto is “less dress to impress, more wear for self-care.” Their thank you cards empower you as soon as you open your Tur-Shirt: “keep Going! You never know what’s around the corner.” This comes from a family saying that Tur Shirts’ Founder, Terri-Anne lives by daily. Their most famous product is “The Positive Self-Talk Tur-Shirt.”

The business was set up by a mother, and a former recruitment professional. Terri-Anne’s 5-year old daughter calls t-shirts “Tur-Shirts,” which was how the name was coined.

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Terri-Anne is no stranger to business, nor is this her first business venture: previously, she ran “a few MLM businesses from the age of 18, and was quiet successful in 1 of them.” She “replaced [her] full time income, and qualified for incentives such as a 5* holiday,” BUT “it wasn’t [her] own,” which is why she made the switch to running her own business, instead. 

Since the brand launched in August 2020, they’ve received heart-warming feed back from children, parents, teachers, and health professionals, AND, they’ve been shortlisted for two awards: The Best Fashion Newcomer at the Junior Design Awards, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards at The Great British Entrepreneur Awards. They’ve also sold their products globally.

Find out more here: https://theturshirtcompany.co.uk