Catchbox: Tackling COVID-19 With Antimicrobial Technology

Catchbox‘s BRAND NEW antimicrobial technology promises to provide “peace of mind” in shared spaces, and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Catchbox (the creators of the world’s first throwable microphone), – has partnered with the Swedish company, Polygiene®, – to create an antimicrobial cover for their innovative wireless microphones.

The new development means that Catchbox’s cover fabric and microphone foam cap will be treated with Polygiene ViralOffTM, which reduces micro-organisms on the material by over 99%. This means that the material will be self-cleaning when it comes to microbes, – a key move for the business for reducing the spread of COVID-19.

This solution comes at the perfect time (when in-person events are making a tentative return, hybrid work models are peaking in popularity, and schools are making precautionary preparations in case hybrid instruction becomes necessary).

As such, AV technology plays an essential role in connecting on-site participants with those joining remotely. Since on-site participation typically takes place in groups, it is crucial that epidemiological risks are minimized, and anxieties around using shared items are alleviated. This is the shared goal of Catchbox and Polygiene®.

Mikelis Studers (Catchbox’s Co-Founder and CEO) said:

“Catchbox was designed to bring people together, and allows everyone to speak up and share their ideas. When we learned about Polygiene ViralOffTM, we knew it would be the perfect solution for the soft covers and the foam used on our throwable wireless microphones. The treatment means anybody can continue to use Catchbox with complete peace of mind, and focus on sharing what matters with their colleagues and classmates.”

“This project is unique and it shows the added value our antimicrobial technologies can bring to a piece of technology intended for shared use. We see a significant potential as this kind of products will be in high demand as society starts to open up again. We are happy to work with this exciting and innovative brand,” added Haymo Strubel (Polygiene®’s VP Commercial Operations EMEA).

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Polygiene ViralOffTM was developed as an answer to the acute situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is also a long-term solution that enhances hygiene and protection factors of a treated material.

Catchbox was Founded in 2012 by three University friends (Timo Kauppila, Pyry Taanila and Mikelis Studers). As students, the trio found themselves stuck in a particularly dull University Q&A session. The problem wasn’t the subject matter, but instead, – the process of passing the microphone from speaker to speaker felt “clumsy and time-consuming: you could almost feel the entire room losing interest.”

After the lecture, the three friends started to think about how it might be done differently. Their invention: the soft, cube-shaped microphone didn’t just speed up participation, but it lightened the mood, broke the ice, and encouraged people to speak up and feel confident when sharing their ideas. 

Now, Catchbox produces wireless microphone products that helps people to share their ideas and increase the value of meetings, lectures and hybrid spaces globally. Today, Catchbox is used by more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber, and many more.

“Currently, we operate from our 800m2 central factory and logistics center in Riga, Latvia. We have an amazing team of highly-devoted product developers, engineers, sales, and marketing professionals that strive to make better products and improve the customer experience every day. We believe in human interactions and we want to improve the sharing of knowledge in every space,” said Mikelis Studers, Co-founder and CEO of Catchbox

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