Dr.PAWPAW’s NEW, Widely-Recyclable Seasonal Gift Sets (2021)

Dr.PAWPAW has launched their brand new, widely-recyclable seasonal gift sets for this year (2021). AND, they’re vegan, natural, and cruelty-free.

Also, they’re great value, they’re PACKED with results-led sustainable ingredients, and they’ll make the perfect multi-tasking gift(s) for your friends, family and colleagues. You can check out the full range below:

Dr.PAWPAW’s Sleeping Beauty Gift Collection:

  • Includes: a 25ml Overnight Lip Mask, a Scrub & Nourish, and a Dr.PAWPAW Sleep Eye Mask.

Relax and unwind with Dr.PAWPAW’s Sleeping Beauty Gift Collection. Apply the Scrub & Nourish to exfoliate your lips, the natural sugar scrub (in circular motions) to buff away dead skin, and the luxurious plumping Overnight Lip Mask before bed to nourish and smooth. And last but not least, complete your night time regime with the NEW Dr.PAWPAW Sleep Eye Mask, silk (which is lightweight to block out sunlight, to give you the best night’s sleep possible). 

Dr.PAWPAW’s Natural Beauty Gift Collection:

  • Includes: 3 x 25ml multipurpose balms (Original, Peach Pink, Rich Mocha), and a Dr.PAWPAW Compact Mirror.

Create a flawless natural beauty look with the Dr.PAWPAW Natural Beauty Gift Collection. This includes their multi-award-winning Original Balm. This multipurpose 100% natural balm works to nourish, soothe, and hydrate the skin and lips. Meanwhile, you can create a natural lip look with their Rich Mocha and Peach Pink balms, which are suitable for all skin tones, and they can be used to add a glow as a cream blusher, eyeshadow, highlighter, or as a bronzer. 

Dr.PAWPAW’s Hand Cream Trio Gift Collection:

  • Includes: 3 x 30ml Age Renewal Hand Creams (Naturally Fragranced, Orange and Mango, and Cocoa and Coconut).

A must have to deeply nourish your hands and skin, featuring three gorgeous hand creams to choose from, including Naturally Fragranced, and two tropical scents (Cocoa and Coconut and Orange and Mango) to indulge in with added age-renewal properties sourced from the Colloidal Oatmeal ingredient. It’s packaged in a keepsake tin: perfect for storing your favourite Dr.PAWPAW products or trinkets. 

Dr.PAWPAW’s Classic Beauty Gift Collection:

  • Includes: 3 x 10ml multipurpose balms (Original, Peach Pink, and Ultimate Red).

Keep it simple yet beautiful with the Classic Beauty Gift Collection, which includes their multi-tasking Original Balm and two tinted balms in Ultimate Red and Peach Pink. Use the buildable tinted balms to create a classic look bespoke to you. Apply a little for a sheer, natural look, or add more for a bolder look: the ultimate gift, and the perfect selection of balms for those who are discovering Dr.PAWPAW for the first time.

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Dr.PAWPAW’s Mini Natural Beauty Gift Collection:

  • Includes: 3 x 10ml multi-purpose balms (Original, Peach Pink, and Rich Mocha).

Create natural beauty looks with this selection of multi-tasking clear and neutral tinted balms for lips, cheeks and eyes. The pocket-sized balms perfect for on the go, and they’re great as a first makeup introduction for young ones, and they make a perfect gift for friends, families, and for secret Santa.


About Dr.PAWPAW:

Dr.PAWPAW was launched in 2013 by Johnny and Pauline Paterson. They’re a UK-made and manufactured skincare and cosmetics brand. Dr.PAWPAW’s philosophy has always been to make inclusive beauty products.

Dr.PAWPAW’s Founders, Johnny and Pauline Paterson were inspired to launch the brand after discovering that pawpaw balms (the only thing that worked to soothe their young daughters’ eczema), – were increasingly hard to get a hold of in the UK. 

After trying everything else on the market, doctors recommended strong steroid creams, which they didn’t want to use, so they decided to launch the UK’s first pawpaw balm, Dr.PAWPAW — using pawpaw (papaya fruit), aloe vera, and olive oil.

“We’ve seen first-hand the benefit of pawpaw as an ingredient, and we’re so confident in the results it delivers. The ultimate dream is that Dr.PAWPAW will become a global household brand that every family will benefit from,” said Johnny and Pauline Paterson.

Find out more here: https://www.drpawpaw.com