Check Out Orchard Moon’s Debut SS21 Luxury Pyjama Collection

This May (2021), Orchard Moon launched their debut SS21 luxury pyjama collection, which features floral prints in sustainable plant-based fabrics.

The collection was inspired by beautiful flower gardens, summer and daydreams. The colour options include blues, leafy greens and gorgeous florals in pinks, oranges, yellows, peach and lilac.

Each print features detailed hand-painted florals to recall the exuberance of summer, and to encourage the wearer to embrace their own creativity and individuality. The prints are called Calypso, Camille, Ephemeral Bloom and Wild Rose, and Selina is the name of their pyjama set.

The fabric for each set is a medium-weight silky cellulose-based material, using Tencel and lyocell filament (two of the most sustainable fabrics available) produced with the cellulose found in trees. Trees are an excellent resource to make fabric with, because they already grow in suitable environments, and they don’t require intensive farming methods or extra water, other than what nature can already provide. 

Lyocell filament is a ground-breaking material. Unlike fibres, lyocell filament is a continuous strand (as is silk and nylon), – spun together to create the ultimate smoothest, silkiest fabric. Tencel has a tendency to fibrillate, which gives it a cosy, fuzzy peach skin like texture. The two fibres combined create a truly unique and sensual soothing sensation on/for the wearer.

Orchard Moon has eschewed the use of any silk in their collections. Instead, they carefully select only the finest, most luxurious plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free fabrics (which mimics the best qualities of silk).

Sustainability is considered at each element, from buttons that are made of corozo nut, to natural rubber elastic, and brand labels made from woven cotton. The brand is proud to ensure that their products are carbon positive by supporting sustainable reforestation projects worldwide.

Making a positive impact is a key part of the brand’s DNA. Orchard Moon’s Founder, Gabrielle Cave deeply cares about protecting the planet, and she believes that we need to do all we can to preserve it for future generations. Orchard Moon has gone to great lengths to find the most sustainable options for all their fabrics, trims and packaging, and they’re committed to making the most sustainable products possible. 

Gabrielle Cave is the driving force behind Orchard Moon. Gabrielle and her family are on a mission to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, but when it came to clothing, she found it very difficult to find truly sustainable items which weren’t plain. So she created Orchard Moon to show the world that “sustainability doesn’t have to be beige.”

Gabrielle has drawn on her years of experience as a textile surface pattern designer and her passion for sustainable textiles to bring together. She comes from a background in graphics and art, as well as surface pattern design and illustration. She completed her studies at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University college, receiving a BA (hons) in Textile Surface Pattern Design.

Gabrielle is primarily an artist and she’s been painting and drawing since she was old enough to pick up a pencil. She enjoys working in various artistic mediums and loves nothing more than painting the day away using watercolour, gouache or acrylics. Her favourite subjects to paint are plants and flowers, although she is equally inspired by the environment, weather, climate change, and geology.

“I’m very proud that we have launched a collection which uses some of the most sustainable materials available today. I wanted Orchard Moon to be sustainable to the core: from the way we treat people, to the materials we use. The whole concept is built on respect, kindness, and wellbeing. We put people and the planet first,” said Orchard Moon’s Founder, Gabrielle Cave.

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