Earth’s Secret: Natural Supplements (Powered by Science)

Launched in May this year (2021), Earths Secret are proud to debut their first three products, Calm, Thrive + Sleep (natural remedies to support your wellbeing).

Earths Secret are a small, family-based business with a big ambitions: they’re on a quest to change the world one customer at a time, by helping people to rediscover the power of botanicals that the Earth has to offer.

Founded by a young and passionate entrepreneur named Amy Peacock (after being inspired by her late mother), Earths Secret aspires to reconnect us with the planet’s most ancient powerful plants, fruits, and herbs, in order to support our modern-day functions. Containing award-winning herbs, and the finest botanicals that nature’s garden has to offer, each of Earth’s Secret’s complexes are completely natural, vegan-friendly, and sustainably-sourced.

For thousands of years, the Earth has provided us with natural remedies, but we seem to have forgotten our ancestral roots with the Earth, and the magic that our planet holds. Earth’s Secret provides these powerful ingredients to customers through ethically-sourced and grown ingredients, creating unique complexes which are targeted towards our everyday health and wellness needs. 

More than just a superfood, and far superior to any supplement or multivitamin, Earths Secret has explored nature’s garden for the most sustainable and effective ingredients available to create unique complexes that make(s) a real difference to people’s lives.

“I researched extensively about natural health, and in the process, I discovered the power of certain plants, herbs and fruits. I was always bugging my Dad to buy these new products, as I wanted to try them out for myself. These ranged from natural fungal, to focus, to vitality products, which I found a love for. I then decided to study Nutrition and Food Science,” said Earth’s Secret’s Founder, Amy Peacock.

Amy Peacock, Earth’s Secret’s Founder

The full product range includes:

  • Calm Complex (Balanced Mood).

Calm Complex was created to help relieve the stresses and strains of daily life, and contains world-leading adaptogen KSM-66® Ashwagandha to balance emotional and physical stress. Coupled with Holy Basil to provide calm and clarity, and Rhodiola, a focus Nootropic, to help improve concentration and mood: it truly nurtures the mind, body and spirit. 

  • Thrive Complex (Promotes Vitality).

Thrive Complex was designed to energise and nourish the body and mind, and it contains award-winning HydroCurc® Turmeric packed with potent antioxidants to promote cellular health and enhance physical performance. They’ve also added Reishi Mushroom for an immune system booster and the antioxidant powerhouse, Elderberry.

  • Sleep Complex (Rest & Restore).

Sleep Complex was developed to aid in restful and restorative sleep, and harnesses affron®, a unique Saffron extract, which is clinically-proven to support sleep quality. It aloso contains melatonin-rich Tart Cherry that improves sleep duration and quality, and sleep-soothing Passion Flower to boost GABA hormones, – relaxing your mind and body. 

“My purpose is to help people to become more aware of the magic that Earth has to offer. I want to show people how we can take advantage of these amazing plants, herbs and fruits to help unlock our truest potential, and live a more fulfilling life,” said Earth’s Secret’s Founder, Amy Peacock.

To date, the brand has won a Silver Award for the Best Sustainable Feminine Health Brand at the Hip & Healthy Sustainability Awards, a Bronze Award for the Best Sustainable Wellness Brand at the Hip & Healthy Sustainability Awards, and their product, Calm, – was Shortlisted for “Best New Wellness Product” in the Pure Beauty Awards.

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