Optimise Your Skin With Dr Botanicals: Clean + Efficacious.

Dr Botanicals was launched by Richard Walker in 2014 + was inspired by his father, a Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain member + a natural skincare expert.

Richard’s Mother came from a 4th generation farming family: they knew the value of respecting the earth. Richard’s Father graduated as a Pharmaceutical Chemist and was a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. He spent his life in local healthcare creating natural skincare solutions, all of which inspired Richard to establish Dr Botanicals.

Richard’s family owned the business Ridleys Chemists, and his Father created the Elderflower Cream in 1960, which was a botanical, plant-based treatment. Richard graduated from University in 2001 and he decided to continue on his father’s legacy by staying in the family trade.

‚ÄúNatural Skincare is amazingly powerful. It’s kind to the skin, and it delivers the results our customers want. The three words that my father said to me when I developed one of our first treatments together were: CONFIDENCE, RESULTS, + PASSION. He said “you need to make it with love, and make it knowing that your treatment is going to help many, many people,” said Richard.

Dr. Botanicals is an indie beauty brand from London, that formulates natural and vegan ingredients to create nature-inspired skincare products. As a brand, Dr. Botanicals believes in being kind to everyone: their customers, the planet, and the animals we share it with. Their products “leave out the nasties and the harsh chemicals.”

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Dr. Botanicals are on a mission to reduce their impact on the environment, by using plant extracts that are sustainably sourced, and they’re aiming to use only eco-friendly packaging by 2023, and to be fully carbon-free by 2025.

Their products are are centred around superfoods and botanicals: they’re juicy, powerful, and fruit-powered, – designed to help bring out your inner glow. The Apothecary Range includes a Lemon Superfood All In One Rescue Butter, a Kiwi Superfood Cooling Eye Serum, a Watermelon 2-in-1 Cleanser and Makeup Remover, and more.

Since launching, Dr Botanicals now has 200 business partners worldwide, including Walgreens, LookFantastic, Douglas, Rossman, Beauty Bay and ASOS, and 3 international warehouses.

Find out more here: https://drbotanicals.com