ARCFORM Launches Their Handcrafted, Statement-Making Chandelier

ARCFORM (the purveyors of British hand-crafted lighting) has launched a 25-pendant, statement chandelier: the Arc 25 Chandelier.

The Arc 25 chandelier comprises of 25 individually hand slip rolled pendant lights that hang(s) on tendrils of golden twisted braid from an oval ceiling rose. Each pendant contrasts a matt exterior in black or white, with a shimmering, brushed soft satin brass, or a copper interior. En masse, the effect is mesmeric, as the pendants coalesce into a flock-like formation, – guiding shadows and light when illuminated or switched off.

Each individual pendant begins life as a rectangular sheet of metal that is rolled into an expressive, sculptural shape, using ARCFORM’s trademark process of slip rolling. Slip rolling is a widely established method of metalworking, and it’s traditionally used to create cylindrical shapes.

ARCFORM’s Co-Founder, Steve Hughes, has adapted this process to produce the company’s signature pendant shape, which possesses a quality of fluidity in its asymmetry:

“The Arc 25 Chandelier is really something to behold. It truly is a statement light that looks perfect above a dining room table or a kitchen island. At ARCFORM, we strive to keep our products simple, elegant and free from unnecessary details. Behind the simplicity and clean lines of the Arc 25 Chandelier, is a lot of product development and highly skilled manufacturing processes,” said Steve.

“I’ve always been a fan of minimalism. That simplicity forces you to focus on the material and the quality of the finish. There’s no frivolous details to distract you away from the fact that the product you’ve bought is actually plastic! Everything we make is from brass and copper, and is carefully hand brushed and hand polished. Unless it’s done that way, it is very difficult to achieve that finish. There’s no hiding,” he added.

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All of ARCFORM’s lights are designed with the installation process in mind, and can be fitted without complicated screws and equipment. Each wire is fastened with Wago connectors (which are screw-less and can be snapped into place). Everything is designed, sourced, and handcrafted in Britain using British suppliers, and is handcrafted by ARCFORM. The brand’s long-term aim is to create high-quality pieces that last the test of time.

ARCFORM was launched in March 2020 by Steve and Jen Hughes. Steve has a background in engineering and property development, combined with a passion for design and lighting. Previously, he worked as an engineer for JCB and JLR, and ARCFORM’s other Co-Founder, Jen Hughes used to work as a project manager.

ARCFORM is now stocked on various online retailers and marketplaces, as well as in a bunch of independent high street retailers.

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