Dott’s E-Bikes Have Now Launched Onto The Streets of Paris.

Dott‘s e-bikes provide(s) a simple, enjoyable, + comfortable way to travel across cities efficiently. Their e-bikes have now launched onto the streets of Paris.

Dott is a European micro-mobility start-up that was Founded in 2019, by Henri Moissinac and Maxim Romain in January 2019: they operate over 40,000 e-scooters in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, and in the UK. They’ve won two of the biggest micro-mobility tenders in the world (in Paris and in London), and they employ 350+ staff, with teams located in Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

By the end of this year (2021), 3,000 e-bikes will be in operation in Paris, providing a new way to get around, – making it easier for people to choose the type of environmentally-friendly travel that’s best for them through a simple app. The distinctive design is fitted with lights, reflectors, and a basket, and the bikes have been created to provide a safe, comfortable journey that’s “an improvement” on the traditional bike.

Following the recent launch of their e-bikes in Paris, the bikes will also soon be available in Rome, Milan, Brussels, and in London, too, – encouraging more people to switch to sustainable travel. 

Maxim Romain, Dott’s COO and Co-Founder, said: “we are committed to freeing our cities with clean rides for everyone, and the launch of our e-bike marks an evolution of our business. With more options on how to travel, we hope to encourage more people to travel in an environmentally-friendly way, – helping our streets to become less congested, and a more pleasant place to be.”

With speeds of up to 25kph, Dott’s e-bikes make(s) for an efficient transport choice. Parking is permitted in the mixed micro-mobility spots for e-bikes and e-scooters, and in over 6,300 public bike racks. Competitive e-bike pricing is equal to Dott’s e-scooters, and passes are also available to reduce costs for regular riders: they can be combined across both types of transport, through the app.

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The vehicles are built to last, and they’re repaired where necessary: any parts that cannot be reused are recycled.

Maxim Romain is the Co-Founder and COO at Dott. Maxim (who is French) was previously Ofo’s Head of EMEA, Wayfair’s Europe MD, and he also worked for Decathlon Asia in Operations and Manufacturing. The entrepreneur holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering at Ecole Centrale Lille, and an MBA at Insead.

Henri Moissinac is the Co-Founder and CEO at Dott. He’s a graduate from École Normale Supérieure, and he holds a Phd in Computer Science from Télécom ParisTech.

Previously, He was the Head of Business Development at Ofo EMEA, and he also led Mobile Business Development at Uber EMEA. Prior to that, Henri spent six years at Facebook, where he led mobile partnerships across the world: he helped Facebook to grow from a few mobile users to almost a billion. He also previously led eBay mobile, AND was the Co-Founder and CTO at iBazar, an e-commerce marketplace that was later acquired by eBay.

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