CROSSIP: Non-Alcoholic Spirits Made With Botanical Ingredients

CROSSIP is a non-alcoholic spirits brand (that uses botanical ingredients): it was Founded in 2020 by the well-known cocktail expert, – Carl Anthony Brown.

Inspired by Carl’s love for cocktails, his passion for fitness, AND his passion for supporting mental health issues, Carl wanted to design a “better-tasting” alcohol-free drink.

Unapologetically bold in its branding, ethos, and flavour, – CROSSIP is unique in the market: rather than replicating the taste of alcohol-based spirits (such as gin or whisky), the drinks’ start-up boasts a mature mouthfeel, and a flavour profile, – which is typically associated with alcohol. Therefore, it can be used to create sophisticated cocktails, or even added to a mixer to create depth and texture.  

Unlike other non-alcoholic alternatives, CROSSIP is created through a process of maceration, as opposed to distillation, meaning that it contains zero alcohol (unlike other brands, which may still contain a residual trace, due to the production process). 

Social responsibility is also a huge part of CROSSIP’s business model: the brand donates 5% of it’s profits to a number of causes that affects modern society, ranging from mental health through to addiction. Their current charity partners include(s): Alcohol Change UK, Papyrus, CALM, and Centre Point UK.

The full CROSSIP product range includes: FRESH CITRUS, DANDY SMOKE, and PURE HIBISCUS.

Carl Anthony Brown is an award winning bartender and mixologist. He’s been featured as a drinks expert on various TV shows, including Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, and ITV’s This Morning. Some of Carl’s accolades, includes the winner of ‘The Young British Foodies,’ the IMBIBE ‘Drinks List of the Year,’ and more.

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“Launching CROSSIP marked a life-long ambition of mine to create a quality, great tasting non-alcoholic spirit that I could enjoy whilst socialising with friends and family in a healthy way. I had been perfecting the recipe for many years. It’s a privilege to see how it is being received and I’m so excited to develop and grow CROSSIP in the years ahead,” said Carl.

Tim Blake has owned and managed various award-winning bars and restaurants. He was nominated for the Harper’s “Drinks Personality of the Year” in 2009, and he won the 2018 Great British Pub Awards for “Best Spirit Bar in the UK.”

Brad Jones (an entrepreneur, investor, and finance professional) brings a multitude of experience. Having initially Co-Founded a financial services training software company (which he sold to a competitor), he then launched Sowing Capital to invest in early stage start-ups. Brad has also gained 9 years’ experience in finance: he used to work for a global investment bank.

CROSSIP is now available to purchase on/in various online and physical retail outlets, including Amazon, Delia Smith Restaurants, and more.

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