Bax Botanics: Alcohol-Free, Premium, Sustainable Spirits

Launched in Jan 2019, Bax Botanics are shaking up the alcohol-free market, with their innovative range of premium, sustainable spirits. Find out more here. 

Over the past few years, the no-to-low alcohol market has witnessed a meteoric rise, thanks to a wide variety of new drinks’ products hitting our local shelves and bars across the nation (including the likes of British-made, better-tasting spirits, and non-alcoholic beers). According to the IWSR (the International Wines and Spirits Record), we’ll see an estimated no-to-low market growth of 34% by 2024.

Founded by Chris and Rose Bax, Bax Botanics creates and provides premium, great-tasting, sustainable spirits, that use(s) organic and ethically-sourced herbs and botanicals. Championing eco-friendly practices, Bax uses recyclable packaging, with bottle labels printed on material that’s a by-product of the sugar industry. They’re on a sustainability mission, and all of their ingredients are organic and fair-trade.

Beautifully-balanced and traditionally distilled in beaten copper alembics (to achieve the purest flavour), Bax Botanics provides two non-alcoholic spirits:

  1. Their award-winning Sea Buckthorn: a subtly spicy, non-alcoholic alternative to gin that’s rich, decadent, and bold, – the perfect evening sipper, and the ideal companion when paired with tonic and an orange twist: perfect for botanic lovers.

Sea Buckthorn cocktails ranges from Rugosa Bitters (rose and grenadine) to the AF Margarita (agave, lime, and honey), and to the AF Cosmopolitan (cranberry, orange, and lime), with the spirit lending itself to many other wise concoctions.

2. Verbena provides fresh floral notes, – with a refreshingly herbaceous profile, and a long zingy finish (for drinkers who like their gin with a citrusy flavour). Verbena cocktails include(s) Planet Verbena (mango, grenadine, and lime), the Joy of Vincent (grape, and orgeat), the Bax Virgin Mojito (mint, lime, and grape), AND the Green Twins (mint, cucumber, and lemonade).

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Bax Botanics’ Founders (a husband-and-wife duo, named Chris and Rose Bax), – are keen foragers: they’ve spent the last 15 years learning about, and experimenting with botanical flavours. With over 30-years of teaching and consulting in the food and beverage industry between them, the pair turned their love for wild ingredients and culinary herbs into the very best beautifully-complex, alcohol-free spirits.

With Christmas on the horizon, customers will soon be able to purchase several gift boxes including a 200ml twin gift pack (which includes one of each flavour) and a Bax Botanics and tonic gift set (a stocking filler without the hangover): “we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste and luxury when you’re not drinking alcohol,” said the husband-and-wife team. We agree.

Bax Botanics are now stocked in Booths supermarkets, in the NWTC bar chain, on Amazon, on Master of Malt, and more (with recent successes in the US, and in the UAE).

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