Poochiful: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Dog Shampoos + Conditioners.

Poochiful is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, pH-balanced collection of dog shampoos, conditioners, and coat sprays, – made in the UK by their in-house chemist.

At the helm of the business is Poochiful‘s Founder, Ryan Lord, and Marlene, – a 13-month-old Golden Doodle with a passion for balls and mud.

Marlene proved to be the “eureka moment” behind Poochiful, as Ryan explains here: “Poochiful was created because I just couldn’t believe the high prices, and the confusing array of dog shampoos and dog perfumes on the market. I never knew about this until we got Marlene, where we quickly discovered that her obsession with dirty puddles meant that baths were becoming a regular occurrence,” said Ryan.

I was frustrated by what we had seen and tried (which was pretty much every brand), so I began to analyse the market in more detail. With an in-house laboratory, a skilled chemist, and an expert team at our disposal, we decided to expand into the pet-care business with Poochiful, under our healthcare umbrella,” he added.

The range encompasses a unique collection of blissful scent combinations (pink apple and watermelon, grapefruit and mint, and coconut and shea), – with a “kind on the skin,” and a “tough on dirt and odours” approach to formulations.

Here are the most popular products in the range: 1. “Dog Pawfume” (an easy fix for those in-between baths, – to condition and refresh the coat, AND eliminate those doggie odours), and 2. “Mucky Pup” (a favourite for dogs that love to roll around in fox poo).

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Poochiful was Founded in September this year (2021) under their umbrella company, Efinity Labs (which is a UK-based contract manufacturer that specialises in the development and the manufacturing of personal care, household, and hygiene products).

Efinity Labs was also set up by the Lancashire businessman, Ryan Lord (Poochiful’s Founder) in 2015. Ryan has since gone on to grow Efinity Labs from a small acorn, – to a business that now supplies over 1500 retail stores nationwide. Poochiful is his latest business venture.

With stockists such as The Range now snapping up their collection, and a growing network of dog-grooming salons, the future for Poochiful is looking… Well. Poochiful, of course.

Find out more here: https://poochiful.co.uk