Faye Wilson (Happier Beauty): From Long COVID/ME/CFS To Success

Find out how Faye Wilson (who caught long COVID/ME/CFS) battled her way through to success, – with her eco-friendly toothpaste brand, Happier Beauty.

Faye Wilson caught COVID-19 in March 2020, and she is still suffering from long COVID all these months later. At her worst, Faye was rendered “unable to walk,” and she lost consciousness at the dinner table. It took doctors eight months to diagnose her, and she now has finally come to terms with an ME/CFS diagnosis, as a result. 

Despite this complete lifestyle change, impressively, Faye has still managed to keep her business, Happier Beauty, successfully running. Now, she wants to use her platform to drive more awareness of the severity of long COVID, and ME/CFS. 

Faye Wilson (aged 44, and from Kent) was previously a senior buyer for various major high street retailers, including Next, Tesco, and John Lewis. Faye decided to set up her toothpaste brand, Happier Beauty, in 2019, after discovering that 1.5 BILLION single-use plastic toothpaste tubes are sent to landfill each year. Faye developed a dentist-approved, zero-waste toothpaste, – made with natural ingredients (inside a 100% recyclable aluminium tube).  

After a successful launch, Faye unfortunately caught COVID-19 in March 2020, and things took a turn for the worse. She had no underlying health issues, other than mild asthma (which hadn’t bothered her in years). 

Faye recalled: “I wasn’t concerned when I first caught COVID-19, as I assumed that I’d be alright and recover quickly. Four weeks later, I was still struggling to breathe, and my husband had to call an ambulance as I collapsed. This was in April last year (in 2020), when the NHS was at its’ busiest, and hospitals were starting to run out of oxygen. I was assessed, and because my local hospital was so busy, the ambulance crew said it would be better for me to stay at home.

“The symptoms carried on for months. I was so weak, I could barely lift my arms above my head. I was forced to rest and recuperate, which meant having to halt a lot of activity for my business, Happier Beauty, which was devastating, as we were doing so well,” added Faye.

My mother helped enormously to keep it all ticking along, but I was itching to get back to it as soon as I was well enough. But whenever I started to feel better, I would relapse all the way back to square one in my recovery. It was immensely upsetting and frustrating,” she said.

“In the summer of 2020, I had some bizarre and scary symptoms: vertigo, acne, blood clots, numerous cold sores, and a suspected pulmonary embolism. I started to wonder if I would ever start to feel better again, and I worried for my two children,” said Faye. 

“I started to hear about long COVID in the news (and from doing my own research). I knew way before my doctors did that I had it. They didn’t tell me until eight months after I first caught COVID-19. Soon after, I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, which was my lowest point. I didn’t really understand the true meaning of despair until that moment. I worried that I might be ill for years to come, and be unable to fulfil my dreams,” said the start-up owner.

Thankfully, Faye has now got to a place in her recovery where she can work for up to five hours a day, but she has to be mindful of any potential relapses. To cope with this change, she’s made some changes to Happier Beauty, to keep it running smoothly (including outsourcing her distribution). Now, Faye wants to share her story, in the hope that it might bring more attention and support to fellow long COVID-19 and ME/CFS sufferers. 

Happier Beauty is a British-based sustainable beauty start-up with social consciousness, transparency with ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging at it’s core. Their debut product was the Happier Beauty toothpaste: a 100% recyclable, cruelty-free toothpaste with all natural flavourings, and no unnecessary chemicals.

The product is now available to purchase via a subscription service, offering (up to) a 25% discount. The brand has also launched a scheme that enables customers to return the plastic lids from their Happier Beauty toothpaste tubes to be reused on future orders.

They’ve also just launched with two new stockists: Bower Collective, and The Kind Store. To date, they’ve sold over 10,000 units of Happier Beauty toothpaste alone.

Find out more here: https://happierbeauty.com